GOP: You should work to gain medicaid benefits. Unless you're a white, rural voter

“In Michigan, for instance, Medicaid work requirements would exempt those living in counties with an unemployment rate of over 8.5 percent — but leave out high-unemployment (and majority-black) cities such as Detroit and Flint. According to an analysis of state data done by The Post, whites would account for 85 percent of those eligible for the unemployment exemption, despite making up only 57 percent of the potentially affected population. African Americans, in contrast, would constitute a mere 1.2 percent of people eligible for an exemption, despite being 23 percent of the affected Medicaid population.”

There is literally no defence for this whatsoever. If you want a work requirement, make it for everyone.

GOP showing it’s true colours again.

It’s high time we make those lazy rural whites get out and pick up garbage, paint rocks and then remove the paint, build rock walls and then move them across the road, and a myriad of other jobs. Might help them get closer to a healthy BMI and also pick up some job skills. There is no excuse for allowing their lazy asses to be sucking on the government teat without a lot of hard labor.

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At first I was wondering if the exemptions for the county were due to a lower number of available jobs in those areas. It appears, though, that some of the urban areas largely populated by black Americans have a high rate of unemployment as well.

It’s sort of a moot point, really, a work requirement for Medicaid. It sounds good in principal.

But it’s IMO unnecessary legislation as many on Medicaid as well as other assistance programs DO work. What they earn, though, isn’t enough to support whatever family they have.

Keyser love your user name! The movie it’s taken from is a favorite of mine.

Its about time whites caught a break in america…

Trump appeasing his white nationalist bloc… what a surprise…



How is this not racist? Any takers?

Becuase the GOp has turned into Partisan cherry picking who they are going after now with their bills. If it hurts liberals they are all for it.

Less available jobs in rural areas as opposed to metropolitan areas. Pretty much why people tend to flock to big cities instead of rural areas.

Maybe lazy rural denizens need to pack their asses to where the jobs are. Nah, they’d rather sit home sucking gubmint teat and that’s right where the GOP wants them.

Rural types are all self sufficient and have disdain for government charity, or so I’ve been told.

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8(a) companies have money set aside for sole source federal contracts just for businesses owned by special races. White male owned businesses need not apply.

Its about time white men caught a break in america

African Americans and Hispanics are given points to add to their SAT scores to compensate for their lack of good grades on school

Its about time white men caught a break in america

There is a separate caucus just for black people in congress. None designated for just white people.

Its about time white men caught a break in america.

businesses encourage workplace black affinity groups, women’s affinity groups, hispanic affinity groups at work, but a white affinity group would be called racist

Its about time white men caught a break in america.

The NBA is like 85 percent black and the NFL is 68% black even though the population is only 15% black.

Its about time white men caught a break in america

Businesses fund outreach and special opportunities for educating and hiring women, black, and hispanic STEM employees. White males have to get there on their own.

Its about time white men caught a break in america…

Parades of women demanding more money and priviledge and wearing hats symbolic of vaginas are deemed honorable protest by leftist media. Parades of men carrying ■■■■■ symbols would be called rape gangs.

Its about time white men caught a break in america…

Yep, libs will always be able to make such a snarky sarcastic statement. Wonder why -no matter what absurd racist and anti male laws and cultural norms you try to interject into our nation - white males will always seem to have some special privilege

That’s the spirit!

I’m just waiting for you to bring up how
these folks are having their “god-given incentive to work” stripped from them by handouts.

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you don’t need to wait. Your handwork is visible on the faces of poor Democrats everywhere in the United States.

There’s already been a thread on this and this is wrong. Everyone should be treated the same. This will bite Michigan just like the Flint water problem.

White males are discriminated against in the us.

That’s a hot one, cmi.

It’s also one of the biggest lies ever told on hannity ever.

I am a white male and I am a victim.

We all could start a support group for white males who have screwed over by blacks.


Are they more likely to get an exemption than black rural applicants?

Sssshhhhh!!! You’re messing it all up!

But your criticism of people having no incentive work is only visible when we discuss certain parts of the United States.