GOP to repeat "benghazi" political plan

Well duh. Both parties do every thing they can to give themselves a political advantage. Who ever is better at it wins. Fairness is the last thing they worry about. Are you honest about that?

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That is the world you are fighting for.

Not me.

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Compared to you guys we are.

What, you afraid of a senile kid sniffer?

Your own words about altair’s comment: “At least there is honesty about it.”

I was saying that at he is being honest about the reasons for investigating Hunter Biden.

I don’t think that anyone would give a crap over this huge miscarriage of justice if Biden continued to do poorly in the election.

It would be like it was really really important until it wasn’t … kind of like exactly what happened

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Afraid? Nothing.

Wanting to destroy. Libism as embodied by white male libs.

Nobody cares about crack dealing anymore if the crack dealer stops dealing crack.

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I guess mittens is going to sink the new witchhunt. He believes it looks too political and should be looked at by an independent body which I dont disagree with. His vote of no will be a 7 7 tie which means no subpoenas.

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I just hope the average american isnt this stupid to not see what the gop is doing. They cant win on facts…just made conspiracies…

And yet he didn’t think an impeachment this close to an election looked so political that no subpoenas should be issued.
Thanks Utah.
I can’t believe I voted for that guy.

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I honestly dont think it matters. Lines have been drawn and pretty much it by now

Have you read the above comments?

Of which specific comments do you refer?


This does need looked into.

Bigger problem for Biden is his stamina and record.

I have now. It has no affect on any statement of mine.

Rumor is obama his gonna come back as his vp.

Not a chance. Klobuchar looks to be in and Warren out.

Klobuchar would be a good pick. Joe is pretty frail.

Biden record is unimpressive. Trump record is strong. That is a clear contrast.

Energy independence is a wonderful asset.