GOP to repeat "benghazi" political plan

Get ready for endless investigations into one american’s legal work for a foreign company.

The GOP will use it’s power to smear their political opponent.


Democrats would never do anything like that…for the last three years.

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It’s not like the Kid Sniffer is going to be President next year anyway, so may as well get a ball rolling on those criminal investigations. He won’t be too busy.


The Benghazi plan worked. Hillary is not President. So if they can do the same thing to Joe, they absolutely should. :+1:

Nope, wouldn’t and didn’t.

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Democrats kept telling us that if Trump wanted to investigate possible corruption with Burisma and the Bidens, that would be ok as long as he went through the normal process.
Now, going through the normal process: Whoooaaaa…!!! You can’t do that.


That’s because democrats are bastions of fairness. They wouldn’t dream of playing pollical games. Interested in nothing more than truth, justice and the American way. Especially Shifty. He’s one of God’s own angels :innocent:

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The normal process would be an investigation handled by the justice department that is confidential and unknown.

Kind of like Crossfire Hurricane.


Yeah, except for the daily leaks by those involved to CNN or the Washington Post, who knew the FBI was investigating alleged collusion (as they then called it) between the Trump campaign and Russia.

So you are saying that Congressional hearings on matters involving corruption involving both American tax dollars and politicians dealing with foreign countries are not legitimate? Please inform Pelosi and Schiff.
They’re still trying to get his tax records for fishing purposes and political use.

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Who knew about the investigation into the Trump campaign before the election?

Was that on the news every day?

So this is how libs said it was supposed to be done and went on full blown impeachment over it. Now that it’s being done the way they said was the correct way, it’s still baaa, baaa, baaad.

I thought we weren’t supposed to investigate political canidates

Like wanting to go through their financial documents and tax returns…just to see if there is anything good there?


Why do people keep leaving out the fact that the President’s former lawyer testified in front of congress that if one would look into the President’s financials one would find a lot of crime.

Heck… looking through public records on a couple of Trump properties in NYC shows the exact type of activity that Cohen was talking about.

Why keep leaving that part out?


Why leave out that Hunter was granted his sinecure in Ukraine right after Joe was made Obama point man for Ukraine? Why leave out there are contradictory statements and evidence regarding the relation of Burisma and the prosecutor Biden removed as part of a “quid pro quo”? Why leave out that Hunter had nothing to offer Burisma except the influence of the Biden name?

I guess your items and my items are all things that can be looked into.
During the investigations.

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Also let us not leave out that Mnuchin readily handed over Hunter Biden’s IRS info upon request of the Senate but has sat on the President’s in clear violation of the law.

As I said.

Investigate away.

The Executive could have opened a legitimate investigation of Hunter Biden if there was really a legitimate reason to do so.

But an investigation opened by the Justice department would be politically useless.

It’s the public attention that is the point.

Crazy how all this got back into gear all of a sudden right after Biden won South Carolina. If this was such a miscarriage of justice, it would seem that there would have been deep deep concern about this the entire time.


Then you thought wrong. My only problem how long this is taking. We need to do maximum damage to Joe as soon as possible.

You are correct. The republicans handling this well. They are simply moving waaay too slow.

^^^^ this guy gets what’s going on^^^^^

At least there is honesty about it.