GOP Delays Immigration Vote

Once again the GOP shows themselves to be incapable of governing. The clown show continues with Trump and the GOP Congress.

Keep in mind: almost all this discussion of “debate” and “consensus” refers exclusively to an argument between . . . two groups of Republicans.


its the democrats fault though


Largely, because Democrats are a total blocking force to progress. Ad to that the fact that the Republican party has different factions and we have a problem.

called it :arrow_up:


The Democrats have nothing to do with the 2 factions of the Republican party being unable to agree on anything. Those is totally on Republicans

If there were no Democrats, then the decision would be made by the largest Republican faction. You can’t pretend you have no responsibiity when you make up nearly half of the governing body.
At least not without a grin on your face.


Yeah but that’s like predicting the sun is going to rise from the east tomorrow


Democrats are responsible for the decisions Democrats make. Republicans are responsible for the decisions Republicans make. To suggest anything other is nonsense.


Yeah, if there were no Democrats we could see the “Sit by in silence as immigrant toddlers are put in cages” and “Actively support immigrant toddlers being put in cages” wings of the Republican party duke it out.


Amazing how this was never your argument when Obama was President and the GOP held control,of Congress.

And if there was ever a time when this argument would hold more water, it was then, when the two branches were under separate control.

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That’s because Democrats were uniform in support of the Federal Government taking over health care from the states. They didn’t need Republicans to pass the ACA. Republicans are not uniform or controlled.

They have the majority. They can pass it with zero democratic support. Once again the party of personal responsibility is unable to take any.

Just partisan hackery with no basis in reality.

So two brothers are fighting, and it’s the cousin’s fault?

What kind of world spins around in your head?


Nearly half the House is controlled by Democrats and they have no responsibility for anything? Then let them resign.


The current makeup of the house is the same thing as there not being any Democrats in it at all. Republicans don’t need a single Democrat vote to get legislation through it. If they can’t then they own that.

Trump signed an EO to end that. And it was under Obama’s reign that kids were locked up in cages and wrapped in foil. They’ve improved since then.

Families were never separated from each other under Obama.