Google made $20.4 billion in Q4 and it's laying off 12,000 workers

Google has initiated significant layoffs across its various teams, including the Voice Assistant, hardware, engineering and ad sales teams, marking a continuation of the tech industry’s trend towards reducing workforce expenses. The layoffs have affected hundreds of employees within the Voice Assistant unit; hardware teams responsible for Pixel, Nest and Fitbit products; and a considerable portion of the augmented reality (AR) team. This move is part of Google’s broader effort to streamline operations and align resources with its most significant product priorities​​.

According to The Verge, the total number is in the thousands. This comes at a time when Google parent, Alphabet Inc., reported record profits in late January. The company reported $20.4 billion in net income in Q4. . . .

Now, after seeing the developments regarding Google’s so-called AI I have to wonder things like

Was race a determining factor in who got laid-off?

Did the AI make the decision to lay-off people?
Did the AI decide which people got laid-off?

Under what circumstances would the AI recommend laying-off the CEO or the folks who “trained” the AI?

Year over year growth is more important then making a good product.

Yes, and hopefully the same thing will happen to the federal govt. They have way to many employees also…


Odd to see the race card played against Google. They are about as woke as you can get.

I wonder if they laid-off any of the woke scam artists who "trained: their AI.

One can only hope…

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That’s the point.

Since they recently released a woke racist propaganda product and fraudulently called it an AI app, I wonder if perhaps they started laying off people based on the racial preferences of their hierarchy.

Normally I don’t ask such questions, but given the revelations about their so-called AI product I wonder “Did they lay off more white people? More Indians? More Chinese?”

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What an odd thing to say… especially when we are talking about a wildly profitable company.

A very profitable company is laying off 12,000 workers and some are wondering not if the year over year profit model is unsustainable but if wokies got hurt.

Just wild.


Did “we” find common ground today?


Please generate a picture of laid-off Google workers.”

I don’t think this has anything to do with AI.

It has to do with corporate profits.

Square peg, round hole.


Come on mannn!

Shirley you jest?

You gotta know purp is being facetious.

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You should have stopped while you were correct. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

What’s with the insults?

Google remains very profitable. They will continue to remain profitable while their services continue to get worse and worse.

Celebrating the firing of 12,000 workers so they can increase their profits because of some perceived culture war is very weird.

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I missed who is celebrating this.

No it’s sarcasm. Being hopeful for people to be jobless is crazy to me.

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wonder how many of these people had actual marketable skills