Goodbye and don't let the door hit you in the

We have a winner!!!

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Wolf…you have to remove the image of Chicago Teachers Union and their crybabying and look at it as a larger whole. My son also teaches and has been in school live teaching in front of students since August. They had one 2 week shut down.

The majority of teachers out there for that criteria.

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For now… I think there’s one more peak coming.

This had to be said by people without kids or who’s kids go to private school.

What a ridiculous statement. Teachers have been paid this entire time while at home. Some of these teachers are parents themselves. They all just want a bit of normalcy. Countless parents have had to quit their jobs to stay home while teachers are at home still getting paid to teach.

I hope none of them gets on any other school board.

There are plenty of people who shouldn’t be teaching as well. But when teachers get paid as little as they do, you get what you pay for for the most part. The good ones aren’t doing it for the money.


School board members are not teachers. They are elected community members, often parents. In small communities, they are not salaried.

My schoolboard has an antagonistic relationship with teachers. The president is a jerk.

We actually have the same underlying issue as you see here - a board that is incredibly dismissive of and condescending to parents.

In our case, our teachers are grossly underpaid compared with other comparable (high income, high student outcome) districts in the area. Parents are firmly on the side of teachers in what is a bitter negotiation.

Unfortunately, only one of the nine members of our board have a child in the district; general sense of parents is that our board advocates more strongly for the taxpayer than the parent.

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Another example of “cancel culture”. Don’t these school board members have free speech?

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They resigned.

It depends on where you live. You’re right for the most part. But one of my aunts recently retired, she made 80k a year as a 2nd grade teacher in NJ. That’s not rich, but it’s not little either.

That’s better than what most of the teachers make here.

I can only speak to what’s happening in NJ, and from the number of situations I’m familiar with, and I can tell you they are not putting in the same hours that they would be in person. Nonetheless, my main point it’s easier for the unions to make demands about in person instruction when you are already being paid your full salary.

I have friends who are still teaching and I said that if the board of Ed’s withheld half of your pay until you are back to regular in person teaching that most everyone would be back in a heartbeat.

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Not even half. Withhold 20% and 95% of the employees will be back. I’ve seen multiple examples of this. People live above their means. I would stay home in a heartbeat if I got 80%. But most people can’t or won’t do it. I’ve always lived within my 40 hour work week. This is why I always refuse overtime if possible. My free time is more important to me.

Luckily, teachers have union contracts that would prevent capricious pay cuts by districts.

Vaccinate all teachers as a priority.

Hey, cool, a handy test group for a new medical technology that no one really know what it will do in the long run. /s

Unessential enough to teach from home.

Essential enough to demand vaccine before returning to classroom.

I would make those next contracts have on line teaching clauses that cut teachers jobs should they not return to classroom. Far less are needed with that structure… careful what you wish for.

No teachers think that online teaching matches in person learning. Just vaccinate them.

Here’s why- kids can’t be vaccinated, their parents go to work and are exposed to covid daily, their older siblings party, travel, etc.

Just vaccinate t hem

The racists are the educators. Intentionally depriving minority children of an education and in most cases two meals a day in my opinion is racism.

The union also protects teachers from the vaccine unless otherwise stated. You don’t have to let them teach. But you do have to pay them until the contract is up.