Good Shoot or Bad Shoot Polls

Ashli Babitt
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Ma’kiyah Bryant
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Daunte Wright
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There has been a lot of talk about good vs. bad shoots of late, I thought it would be interesting to get an overview here on whether you view each of these shoots as a good or bad shoot. If it is a good shoot, why? If it is a bad shoot, why? What constitutes one in your mind? Is it political or practical?

For my take, Babbitt was a good shoot, Wright was a bad shoot, and Bryant was a good shoot.

Babbitt was committing a crime and was warned, so was Bryant. They had a choice to stop or persist and chose their own fate.

Wright was not in the commission of a crime and tried to run away, bad shoot.

Can’t say about the middle option.

So that’s the bar? Keep that in mind going forward.



I think this is too broad a standard: warned while committing a crime.

It basically justifies all police killings.

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There is no question but that Wright was a bad shoot. It was at best an accident and an accidental shooting of someone is a bad shoot. The shooter themselves would have told you that as soon as it was done.

Armed vs unarmed is a solid standard and leading factor.

Not sole factor.

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Shoot em in the arm, shoot em in the leg, shoot em in the butt, shoot em in the foot.

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That’s the issue i have with her getting shot as well.

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Wait what?

We had this shoot in Pittsburgh. Unarmed minority.

This was a tough one. Drive by shooting. Clip and residue on dead suspect. Shot in back…very bad IMO.

Trial found cop not guilty.

Don’t shoot em in the center of mass, don’t shoot em in the head. Shoot em to wound,. Sing kumbyya and defund the police.

But the gun disappeared? How unfair.

Ah okie just checking. Thanks

I’m glad we cleared that up. AOC for president.

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Of course Wright was in the commission of a crime. At least last time I checked resisting or evading arrest was still a crime.

Not with the Woke Society. Get out the tources and pitchforks. Cancel Mom and Dad.

Some places have already canceled gender names and the terms Mom and Dad.

We are now in the ■■■■■■■ Twilight Zone.


It was a very tricky case.

Rose was obviously shooting at the drive by they fled. Lucky for cop residue proved it.

I would call it a bad shoot with no weapon and fleeing scene.

Easily could go either way. Rose lives if he complies.