Good News! Pervert and Predator Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-California) resigns!


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No idea. How about you make something up. It seems that’s what you want to do.

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I was hoping for more pics

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Really? Wow. Too bad you guys can’t talk about what she did/didn’t do and just deflect to Trump.

Very, VERY pathetic.


If you post nude photos of yourself with a farm animal on Reddit looking for strangers to have intercourse with you while your husband watches, then yes, I call you a pervert.

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No deflection.

I’m glad she resigned.

See…I’m not defending one side and calling out the other for similar bad behavior.

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So you feel she didn’t give that particular aide a much higher bonus than the others on her staff while they were having an affair?

Have you not been keeping up with this at all?

Good grief.

You obviously feel she did. Fine. Prove it.

Farm animals? Reddit? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Kelly, the legislative director in the Democratic Congresswoman’s Washington DC, office, received a $5,100 “2018 election bonus” on April 27, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Kelly was one of only four campaign workers who received bonuses, which started at $2,700. His was the highest.

Before you start calling out people for making ■■■■ up, maybe you should Google this story.

Just a suggestion.

So you can’t prove it. Just speculating. Got it.

Consensual adult relationships. No claims of sexual assault, no hush money paid, no NDAs. Posting pics of her shenanigans wasn’t particularly flattering, but it’s really none of your business.

You do know that is a no-no correct? That’s part of why she is under an Ethics complaint.

It ain’t pretty. But she resigned. What else is there to discuss?

I can see why you wouldn’t want to. The letter behind her name gives her immunity from discussion.

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Why would libs wants to admit how badly they’ve already screwed themselves in the next couple of elections? They’ve already put so much energy into this. lol

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Yes perhaps if a Republican ever finds them self in a sex scandal and resigns we can compare how much I want to discuss it. I doubt that will ever happen though.

Are you stating that has never happened?

Short memories ya’ll have.


Somebody needs to check on that poor goat.
Animal protection services.