Good News! Pervert and Predator Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-California) resigns!

That all depends. Was that person an elected public official at the time?

How provincial of you. :wink:

Why Trump of course. Every seemy revelation about a liberal Democrat ends up in a discussion about Trump. :wink:


One could make the argument perverts deserve equal representation in our government, just like everyone else. By resigning, like a coward, this Congresswoman effectively killed that representation. Shame. If she were a true pervert, she would have stood for her convictions. True creepers don’t give a ■■■■ what hypocritical prudes think. Creepers just want to be loved too.

You say pervert like it’s a bad thing.

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I would think that the reference to Trump is to highlight the base hypocrisy of the Trump acolytes who will defend Trump no matter the circumstance. Speaking specifically the person has tended her resignation; can we expect Trump acolytes to demand same of Trump?

You sure you want to know?

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I saw animals mentioned in the context of these sexual escapades. That’s not perverse or anything in Democrat-world.

Has Trump admitted to the sins you are alluding to?

Liberals, do not worry, there is still handsy joe biden to vote for. Although his polling hasn’t been all that spectacular.

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Where? I didn’t. You have links to this or just going on the words of those in this thread?

The op should know there is a liberal staring at your thread.

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I may have been misdirected but the commentary following the news article. You are correct. The news article itself did not mention her nude with farm animals. However, being photograped nude combing another woman’s hair is not straight.

…and again…you choose where you stand and what it is you stand for. Nice.

Just like Monica and President Bill…


Nor is it very flattering that makes 3 people in the room and is a bit much for public consumption and Congress.


She shouldn’t have resigned. Who forced her out?

While I certainly have no problem with this news, you Trump supporters are the last people to be crying about decency. You burned that card 3 years ago.

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Trump has turned over a new leaf since being elected.


Even you don’t believe that. :rofl: