Good News! Pervert and Predator Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-California) resigns!

A rare victory for both decency and the protection of the vulnerable has come from Washington.

Katie Hill lived a truly degenerate lifestyle, one must hope she is not representative of the new generation of millennial democrats. Wife sharing, relationships with multiple partners, she even posted nude photographs of herself to public websites, sometimes featuring farm animals.

A most disturbing revelation was that Hill had many relationships with young staffers, and often took photographs with them that were very disturbing, words like “grooming” and “power imbalance” certainly came to mind when you saw Katie with these young girls.

A debauched predator has been removed from congress - this is good news for all. :+1:


I agree.

Screwing porn stars while one’s wife is at home with a new baby and then paying said porn star a six figure hush money payoff should be a reason to resign as well, wouldn’t you agree?


Consensual? She was facing an ethics probe because whether or not a young staffer can meaningfully consent to a relationship with their much older boss is certainly up for debate.

Yes. Consensual

Yeah, but if you get a bonus twice as large as anyone else’s on staff, you can overlook the rest right?

Well, this thread turned into Trump fast. :rofl:


From minute one. :rofl:

It’s a shame she resigned.

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That’s not what this was about. Current ethics rules say you can’t have a relationship with a congressional aide. “Meaningful consent” is something you’re making up.

Libs today:

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President Trump is truly living rent free in their brains.

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Oh yeah, they’re angry. Check it out. lol

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I would think people that want Hill to resign (and rightly so) would also call out similar behavior in other politicians, right?


Uh. Sure. If she committed an ethics violation warranting resignation, she should resign. If she chose to resign out of shame or embarrassment, fine. Labeling a person in a consensual relationship between adults as a “pervert” or “predator” is absurd.

You want to know why some point to Trump? He’s had two public affairs, multiple private affairs, and paid a porn star to be quiet. If you guys want to hurl labels an insults at a congresswoman who resigned for having an unethical consensual relationship, you might want to take a peek at the oval office.


Thank you, @SottoVoce. lol

Well, we have a thread about misconduct by a dem congressperson and the first thing, and pretty much only thing, said isn’t about what she did at all.

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Nope, just deflect to Trump Bad and attack anything calling it out. lol

Popcorn? :popcorn:


There is a little more to it than that. What did her aide do to deserve a bonus almost twice the size of everyone else?

Twice the size of anyone else? Doesn’t that answer itself? :wink:


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