Good News? Monthly Jobs Report-August

So here’s the link to the monthly jobs report:

Not a great report. So 130,000 jobs added. And 25,000 of those are federal employees for the census. Previous two months were revised down by 20,000 jobs. But wage growth was okay I guess. +11 cents. Wage growth is still only+3.2% year on year. Still not rising high enough for full employment. So a meh report.

It’s been ten years but to me any report that shows an increase in total jobs is a good report imo.


Yeah it’s fine. But it is essentially a keep up with population growth report this month. And that includes the census workers. So meh. With Trump’s tweet yesterday about “great jobs numbers” based solely on ADP, I’m kind of expecting a tweet today about how ADP are the “real” non fake numbers.

After record deficit fueled tax cuts, private sector job growth not looking too great…


I thought with the corporate tax cuts job growth was going to be nuts.

Yeah, and non stop huge wage growth and everyone getting bonuses from their company. Remember when they used to tweet about companies giving out bonuses?

We need at least 300,000 a month to keep up with population growth!

Those were the days. I mean there were literal arguments about that during Obama’s term on the old site.


How many dropped out of the job market?

Glad it’s still positive though. Been getting spooked by some anecdotal things at work. Hope it’s just a blip.

Nobody’ even talking about the participation rate. That’s the REAL unemployment number!

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Bernie has a plan…

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The Trump slump.

Also, do we believe the numbers now?

130,000? America, ■■■■ Yeah!

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“State media”?

By going to Washington for latest talks, China is showing it is willing to cooperate to find a solution, CCTV says

Don’t screw it up Donald.

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Not sure what you’re so happy about. 130,000 is pretty lackluster considering that 25,000 are census jobs. And I’m going to need something tangible instead of an article about maybe something possibly being different in the next round of talks. And by the way, ever do any research on the Clinton Foundation for my not stupid question?

I’m happy because America added jobs.


Where the state owns the means of production.

Do you happen to know how many jobs China added?

Agree. The time appears right for the deal to get done.

This concerns me from the cited Party Daily…

The country had already improved the business environment for US companies and stepped up its efforts to provide better intellectual property protection, which was conducive to resolving the trade conflict, it said.

Stepped up efforts…is meaningless.


Wonder why?

Go America!

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Is the battle space prepped? I hope so.