Good News? Monthly Jobs Report-August

I’m sorry, did I kill the little “Crap on America” thread?


God Bless America!

No. You just went of topic because this thread is normally about the actual jobs report. Hence the title.


The “dismal” jobs report wasn’t due to Trump’s Trade War?

Well there could be a lot of reasons. But then you went off on the China trade thing. Which has several other threads. But it’s quite likely that manufacturing hiring has leveled plateaued and production is retracting because of his trade wars. Not war. Wars. Do you have any insight into why job creation is worse under Trump than under Obama? Because Trump said he would fix the disastrous job numbers of Obama.


Good News!!!(???)!!!


Hey guys we nust need to get this China deal done then it will all get better. Just like the tax cuts. Trade wars are easy.

Now you know we can’t have that as the title because then the site breaks.

It breaks from the awesomeness!!!(???)!!

Libs ensured us that automation and robotics will decrease jobs.

They have degreed jobs.

Yep…jobs increased in mist of big trade war. We were told it was going to throw this country into another great recession.

Ya he does to take us from 107 debt to gdp to to 200.

What no recession?.. I guess that was just fake news trying to talk down the economy…

I rest my case. I’m an optimist. Count on every time a crap on America thread for the will to power gets posted, me to be there.

No, I don’t have any insight, I’m not wicked smart like you.

I know the answer is no, but you realize that we can’t officially be in a recession for about five months right? We would need the info of this quarter and next quarter.

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I wish would could access the old site and read all the posts about cooked books and REAL unemployment and people leaving this job market. That was really funny.


That’s too complicated. Use sharpies, you might get the point across.

manufacturing is already in a recession