Good news for the Libs! The U.S. leads the world in carbon reduction

And we didn’t need government or the stupid Paris accord to do it. We needed the free market to develope technology based on market demand and environmental concerns. Yay capitalism!

good news! but do we lead the world in windmill decapitated birds yet?

Not yet. I think all the liberal politicians who want to change to wing power should lead by example.Start by converting their offices and the U.S. capitol building. :us:

Why is this just good news for Libs? It is good news for all of us.

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Because the libs were convinced that we couldn’t make any progress without that goofy Paris accord. They can breathe easy now. We’re doing fine. :us:

Where did you get that idea? Because it is total BS.
The importance of the Paris accord was our influence on other countries that generated the majority of pollution. It was also seen as a vehicle to level the playing field for American manufacturers therefore creating new markets abroad for climate-friendly technology like solar panels and energy-efficient appliances. Many of the major corporation CEO’s wrote a open letter to the president about this.

And there was broad conservative support for our involvement.

And polls that were taken at the time showed a 69 - 71% approval of Americans to our being part of the Paris accord.

And the bottom line is that 24 states and Puerto Rico formed the United States Climate Alliance. They used the Paris accord to model how their states addressed carbon reduction goals.


Where did you get that idea? That’s B.S. They are free to change their habits without our influence.Let the French influence them. We can still influence them if they ask. But without Paris, we don’t send them money.

BTW, these guys are idiots. No conservative believes in carbon taxes. We led the world in carbon reduction without one.

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Who was leading before Trump?

no one

Why do you ask? :thinking:

the power of “evil profit capitalism” achieves these things

i heard our co2 emissions is back to early 90’s levels.

fracking plays a part i bet. plus helps drive the economy here in western pa

which is… why…Biden wants it to end… i guess?

Someone led the world in carbon reduction.

did they have the per capita output of US?

You said we needed the free market to accomplish this. You posted an article that said “after dumping the accords” the US accomplished this. Making it sound like we weren’t leading in carbon reduction before we got out of the Accord.

Who was leading before we took this step?

I suspect it was us, but I don’t know.

Tell me who they were and I can attempt an answer.

There are many sides to a single story.

It is misleading to say the U.S. “led the world” or was “the global leader” in reducing emissions in 2019, because the U.S. reduced its CO2 emissions by a rate of just 2.9% while other countries and regions fared better.

Are you asking me because you don’t know? Or are you asking me as a test to see if I know? You still did not tell me why you are asking.


you said “someone led the world in carbon reduction”

dont tell me you are playing these ridiculous games already…

this poster is obviously not serious and has nothing. as usual

awesome thread!

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It’s a pretty basic question. It should not take ten posts to get the answer. :man_shrugging:

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