Good news for the Libs! The U.S. leads the world in carbon reduction

I told you I don’t know.

And yes, it’s a basic question. Who was leading in carbon reduction before we got out of the Accord?

Are you asking me to research it for you? Is your google broken? :man_shrugging:

before you cherry picked your search results and leftist snopes, you might have seen this

Uhm, many companies continued to follow the accord

which ones?

did they have a choice?

And I have no problem with that. They should if it makes them feel better. I love free choice and the free market. They solve nearly all of the world’s problems. I just disagree with raising taxes on the poor. Which is what a carbon tax does. I also don’t believe that sending our money to a third world country will do nothing to reduce emissions.

Some big names on there

Until they start polluting

such as…?

and again i ask - did they have a choice?

How about some of the largest companies in America. Go ahead. Use your fingers and click the link

This isn’t 1970. Nobody is going to “start polluting.” In case you haven’t noticed, our sky and water is cleaner than it has been in decades. Maybe 100 years.

Uhhhh yea because of environmental policies…lmao :man_facepalming:

if i ask you should answer, and back up your answer with links, references

posting a website is not an answer

oh! and sorry to keep asking since i know it kills your narrative…

but did any companies who held to accords (if any did) have a choice?

Uhhhh yeah, created by the republicans…lmao

Which is why we led the world in carbon reduction and have no use for The stoopid Paris accord. We are doing fine without it. :us:

Lmao. The link I posted is a direct search query of the organization where 1000s of companies including massive Fortune 100 companies signed on to continue by the rules of the accord

Geez people

AHHHHH so more strict environmental policy that reduces pollution is only good and relevant if it comes from Republicans


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Yea we are doing fine without because luckily our country realizes how ■■■■■■■ stupid it is not to abide by it, legally bound or not

Hey guys we dont need the stUPid AcCord because our nation has decided to abide by it despite Trump’s stupidity in withdrawing from it!

These arguments are bizarre

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still… no answer