Go Woke, Go Broke/Woke Alerts:

Finally Conservatives understand the power they have voting with their feet!

Cool. Please keep us posted.

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A lot of personal preferences ready to change.

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There’s an app for this:

I believe that it will support whatever preferences or prejudices would suit the user’s fancy.

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We are as well.

2 days ago — The Little Mermaid, which has presently grossed approximately $326 million at the worldwide box office, is a box office failure for Disney.


It’s just not a good movie.

Thank goodness.


Not hard to see that coming. Who would have thunk it.

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I do love this throwaway line from the article, “The drop in Victoria’s Secret’s sales also followed the company’s move to make its board of directors mostly female.”

Why is it a throw away line?

Cause it isn’t explained or proven to be a cause of the financial downturn.

“Oh and by the way, this happened after a bunch of women took power of the company. We have no proof this mattered in any way but we’re just gonna throw it out there for you to think about.”

Women know what men like? It explains it very well.

Yes, I stopped buying doritos after seeing their Solid Black brand.

This is from the website.

“This year Doritos is partnering with the PepsiCo Foundation to provide disruptive changemakers that are Black leaders of nonprofit organizations with an opportunity to be a Black Changemaker. Keep scrolling to meet the new class of 2023!”

Notice they don’t talk about what kind of change… The outcome of black NGO’s seems to be poverty, poor schools and high murder rates. Why would you keep supporting that…?

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Maybe these women do. Who knows? The line was not explained. It’s meant to tug on stereotypes, and … as you’ve proven, it worked!

Stereoypes are usually true.

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I understand Disney is especially upset over South Park’s new special about race swapping in Hollywood.

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South Park is the best.

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