Global warming is real

Greech isn’t on fire. Japan hasn’t experienced a heat wave. This is normal I keep repeating to myself.

Folks socialism is bad.We can’t live in a better world. Give in.

Greece has had wildfires before, and Japan has had heatwaves before.

You are incapable of admitting that actions have consequences. You know global warming has consequences.We get it. The poor have to deal with heatwaves so the rich can enjoy their profits.

Heatwaves affect everyone, so do cold waves.

Take one for the team. We get it.

Study the last 40,000 years of history sometime, you will find it is filled with cold, heat, drought, famine, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis and every other form of natural disaster we have today.

still haven’t gotten that shift key fixed yet? too hot to take it down to the shop? great polar bears and popsicles!

Past conditions don’t reflect the current structure of global society or the infrastructure, social and economic networks that underpin it. Looking back as a means to diminish current risks to society ignores the lack of human society in the distant past.

Yes indeedy. It’s all gone. What planet you typing from?

Perfessor shine is shining us on about global weather change methinks. Needs to run his free gubment air conditioning down a degree or two. He’s all overheated.

Check your quote format. There is something wrong. Compare your quote with the original.

Exactly which is why if modern society is responsible for the warming we should be far beyond the heating of the previous cycles and of course we simply aren’t.

Last ice age ends about 12K years ago, just after first humans inhabited North America?

Maybe there is something to this AGW thing, damned Americans!!!

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If not for that Ice Age the land bridge from Asia would not have existed.

And then they all got muscle cars and screwed it up. :rofl:


And guns, don’t forget the guns.

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Then they wrote a Constitution claiming they have “rights”.

They seriously need to check thier human privilege at the door.

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Never fear liberals. Another Ice Age will ultimately come and we will load up our guns in our monster trucks and skip out of here to dominate some other abandoned place with our Constitution.


Only if another asteroid or CME doesn’t do us in first.