Global warming is real


Then by all means, show it.


I prefer an open mind, but thanks.


My mind is completely open to facts so if you have some let’s see them.


Ah, I thought you were referring to sunspot activity.

Has the sun’s temperature increased in the last 200 years? Please cite source. Also, have you calculated it’s influence on our temperatures?



I’ve already provided several sources, either keep up with the conversation or go look for your own, I’m not here to do your remedial work for you.

From there you can do your own work.


You know nothing about what I might believe about the regularity of the cycles. How about you stick with what you believe.


It’s easy enough. Just say you don’t know.


Ok, from your source which I assume you now disagree with…

Seems your hotter sun cannot account for global warming by itself.


Interesting read, but all I see there are more questions, not answers.


Where have I ever stated it is the sole reason the planet is warming?

Cite just one post.


Anything that doesn’t fit with the theory is “uninformed and uninteresting”.


So according to your source, the sun warming is a small contributor to global warming. Also, your source references AGW as the primary source.

Odd that you believe your source for some item that helps in some small way contradict AGW but you won’t believe them when they support AGW.


big difference between “usable” and accurate. especially when policy and law changes are based on that “accuracy”. i can use my eyes to estimate the number of marbles in a jar, but unless i’m an idiot savant the chance of being accurate enough for anyone else to have faith in my estimation is slim. it would require belief, which is not a basis for reason, it’s religion.


Solid post :clap:


Estimation is a learned skill. No need to know whether or not your an idiot savant nor is there a need to invoke supernatural. It is not clear what you mean by accurate. The number of marbles in a jar is a count, but measurements are not counts and never exact. Plenty of knowledgeable estimates can be useful.


useful, yes. that would be the problem. their misuse. you simply cannot compare centennial at best and multi-millennial averages to temperatures measured at specific times or even to annual or decadal averages. it’s apples and oranges. in the one case you have accurate knowledge of the actual recorded temps throughout the period and in the other not only do you not know, but the data you would need for the comparison is unobtainable and unknowable. you simply cannot draw conclusions by comparing one thing to something else other than, “they are not the same”.


I agree. Useful.


Useful to politicians pushing an agenda, not very useful in a scientific sense.


So wait, scientists are comparing apples and oranges? Maybe you should contact them and let them know exactly how they’ve been led astray? I can give you a few names to contact. Please get back to us.


Nebraksa is getting literally washed away with an unbelievable amount of flooding. The damage to croplands is difficult to estimate but may take years to correct as the top soil washes away. This is on top of the infrastructure damage.