Global warming is real


Climate change skeptics rarely if ever present any evidence. All they have is skepticism.


And they rail about the system being far too complex to model, as they rely on models of past data.


Why do scientists even bother with all the research of past climate? Just to make a wavy time series chart and say that’s that? That is essentially what is being said.


I presume you mean regularity …

By recording the data and plotting it. You don’t need to know the mechanics behind a pattern to know that the pattern exists. There are many such phenomena in nature that have a regular cycle, yet scientists know very little about why they occur.


The onas is on you to submit evidence for your theory as to why the climate is changing. So far, all you have is more theories.


No it isn’t. The past record essentially determines “normal” over a geologic era. And that record clearly shows a regular pattern of prolonged cold periods interrupted by relatively short warm periods, the last of which we are currently enjoying.


Past regulatory does not guarantee future regulatory. In fact, the period of cooling cycles has changed dramatically in the last million years.


What a ridiculous statement.


The word is REGULARITY, and while you are right that it does not guarantee that the cycle will repeat, 2 million years of that cycle makes it a very good bet.

Show your work. What is dramaticically different about the cooling cycles over the last million years that makes you believe that the cycle will not repeat?


What a ridiculous response.


The cycle is not as regular as you might believe.


I don’t know how to respond to such a ridiculous statement. I dare say anyone does. “Not even wrong” comes to mind.

Not to mention it’s a ridiculous trope. Uninformed and uninteresting.


I’m sure that people that believe in Global Warming, can all agree
that it’s been the “Wamest” ever.

I believe that it’s been the “Wamest” ever also.


Apparently regularities change. In this summary piece, the suggestion is that modern events might also have an impact.

And one of these days we need to talk about “theories.” I just can’t wade into that hornet’s nest at the moment.


It’s the end of the world every day to the Democrats.

And asteroid could hit Earth tomorrow magically, without us knowing
it’s coming.

We can’t do anything about it, so everyone should panic probably!!!


Unlike most of the posters here, I’m not an accredited scientist. But, looking at this from a 22,236 mile level:

If the Earth’s climate is in a warming trend from multiple causes, some determinate and some indeterminate;

and if we can calculate the effects of the trend irrespective of the causes, and those effects have potentially devastating consequences;

and if we as a species have a measure of control of one of the causes as generally agreed upon by the most knowledgeable of our members;

shouldn’t we take steps to mitigate at least THAT cause as much as possible while still maintaining a quality of life?

And if one of the side effects of such control would be cleaner air and water for ourselves and future generations, isn’t that a good thing?



The rest of the post is good as well.


And once again sunspots are not a measure of how hot the sun is burning.

It’s burning brighter, producing more heat which has warmed pretty much the entire solar system over the last 300 years.


You can’t show that if the US ceased all carbon emissions tomorrow it would have any effect on global temperatures.

Destroying our economy to accomplish nothing provable other than the destruction of our economy is not a scientific approach to doing anything other than wrecking our economy and destroying our quality of life.


Certainty is an intoxicating drug, isn’t it?