Global Citizen Festival — the future of America is on TV now

I don’t know any of you are watching what’s happening on MSNBC right now. Over 60,000 kids are in Central Park New York watching Queen and Adam Lambert who are headlining a daylong festival of musicians that they love. It’s all for environmental action. This is the future of America. They are doing it right. Watch out guys. This is what will make America great again. Not Donald Trump. Not even the Congress. This is it.

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Great to hear. I wonder just how much carbon they emitted getting there and putting on the concert and what the total carbon output will be by the time everyone gets home?

I wonder how much trash they left on the ground.

More sense than your post.

Some kids went to a concert? Good for them. :laughing:

Queen. Without Freddie.

And I’m sure everyone came via carbon free transporation and all of the equipment is strictly acoustic using no electricity at all.

Ya that’s not one that can be replaced.


They came up the river in boats. From Denmark. HOW DARE YOU!

Came on bikes surely. :thinking:

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Unless those bikes are made of solid wood and locally grown natural rubber they aren’t carbon free either. :grinning:

What are bicycle tires made out of?

That’s a good point too.

I’ve seen Adam Lambert on TV with them before and never much cared for him with them. However he sounds better right now than I’ve heard him before.

Maybe they walked? Uh oh tennis shoes involve rubber too. :laughing:

Ok, so having a concert that uses an immense amount of electricity, used goe many semi’s to bring the equipment, not to count the vehicles the concert goers used (not all used subways) all to combat climate change…anyone else see the irony

Don’t forget the planes that the bands use to get around.

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What a great tribute to Freddie Mercury. Very cool. I think Brian May (the guitarist) had a tear in his for that one.

Freddy Mercury?

He was on screen during one of the songs.