Giulliani lining up witness for "Special report" on OAN

Its time for the main show Giullaini will be doing a special report on the right wing news network OAN

we don’t know who all his witness will be but one of them is disgraced lawyer Andrii Artemenko who was accused of by the Ukrainian government a little thing called Treason.

In an attempt to exonerate President Donald Trump , Rudy Giuliani has been working with right-wing media outlet One America News Network (OAN) to produce a television special featuring a string of current and former Ukrainian officials defending Trump’s conduct in withholding military aid to Ukraine and seeking investigations of the Bidens.

According to OAN, the special, which will include the officials testifying “under oath” (though without any penalty for lying), is a two-part exclusive event in which Giuliani “debunks the

Why go through all that effort for a program on one network, when he can say the same things at hearings televised by all the networks? :thinking:

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If he does it under oath the dirty dems will try to catch him in a perjury trap. It’s better not to give libs that chance.



What an ass LOL! A bold yet naked attempt to take the reigns of the narrative. I have a sneaking suspicion this will go down in history as one of the most spectacular FAILS in political history.

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Under oath?

Under whose oath?

I am certain this will be about as revealing and as noteworthy as a doctored Project Veritas video sting.

If it was so “special” why not take it straight to TNN, Trump News Network, aka Fox News?


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Perjury Traps only work with folks who have told lies under oath, they ensnare themselves.

It is like playing Russian Roulette (sorry) all by your self, at the end of the game the person with the bullet hole in their head only has themself to blame.

Lol - if they really wanted to get their message out, it would be far better to do it in the hearings or at least at a network people have heard of. This is just a dog and pony show to appeal to a very narrow audience (namely, Trump’s base).

Kinda like Glenn Beck’s promised reveal that he said would have earth shattering consequences for the Obama Administration, possibly even bringing it down.

We still await his reveal!

The thing is, they only had to look as far as Star Trek to find a way out of that:

The essence of the Trump administration.


That’s why testifying under oath is a stupid idea.

Nobody is even talking about how Shifty Schiff and the so-called WhistleBlower are refusing to testify under oath.

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But it is brilliant in one respect. He knows the MSM will report on it, because they can’t resist a car crash, train crash, plane crash and I suspect his expose will be all those rolled into one.

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Have either been subpoenaed or otherwise formally requested to testify before any legitimate body?

Thing is folks are ludicrously talking about having the WB and Congressman Adam Schiff testify under oath, folks who are just trying to gum up the works with needless dog and pony side shows, Republican dog and pony shows.

Looking forward to seeing the list of folks Moscow Mitch and his band of Russkie loving Republicans ask to testify under oath at Trump’s trial in the Senate. I will stand up and cheer for each and every one that refuses to comply.

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One among many! He had me going one time, a couple of years after 9-11 I think it was. That was the beginning of the end of my interest in talk radio when absolutely NOTHING became of it. I began to realize what a sad little man he was then. All of them went down like dominos to me in the ensuing years.


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Rudy’s only option is to commit to the bit. All or nothing.

This is gonna get moved because its embarrassing.

I cant wait for the base to start using these as talking points so I can openly mock them.

We are a nation run by conspiracy idiots

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I think POTUS should cut ties with Rudy. Should have done it a while back.
A way out of this situation is to find a break in the action…Christmas break, end of Nadler’s hearing, release of pending IG reoprt…and cut Rudy loose!!

POUTUS could say, “IDK ■■■ Rudy is talking about, thanks Mr. Mayor for all your help through the years,…but see ya”. :elephant::us:

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Obese Donald could just say he really has no idea who this Rudy guy is, I mean that line of BS has certainly worked well for him in the past with his camp followers. They will believe him.

Rudy will be arrested soon.

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Rudy who? Never met him - I think he may have been some low level staffer on my campaign at one point…

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