Giuliani: We're going to block the Mueller report

Executive privilege was waived for all purposes? Not sure about that.

In the cases of white house staffers talking with the special counsel, it was. This was widley reported when Dowd and Cobb were running the show and recently reaffirmed with the McGahn stories.

Round and round we go.

So then why no charges now?

The reality is Trump’s crew is off the charts with illegality, so much so that even Chief Keebler Sessions himself can’t look away.

The GOP was still Pro-FBI when Obama was President.

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As evidenced by Rudy’s access to leaks from the FBI during the campaign.

They have been under Trump for over a year and yet nothing.

The time to claim privilege is before you testify or hand over evidence.

The fact that Trumpists think the Obama admin was so corrupt—especially as compared to the Trump criminal enterprise----speaks to how absolutely effective and dangerous the right wing media’s brainwashing has been.

The only reason Trump is still in office is because republican pols in DC are so afraid of Fox and talkradio. If not for that, they’d have removed the orange bastard by now. Of course said bastard wouldn’t even have been elected in the first place if it wasn’t for the staggering dishonesty of the CEC.


Ah… that old timey view of politics:Democrat vs Republican. Yes… those were the days. But today’s politics isn’t your father’s politics. Republicans have split.

But go ahead and use your old timey classifications. It’s quaint.

Republicans are in charge of all three branches of government, why is Trump indicting Trump?

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Tell it to the lying tweeter-in-chief.
According to him, Mueller and his whole team are a bunch of “angry democrats”

The public has waited well over a year for this investigation to turn up evidence of Russian collusion. If what’s being discussed is that evidence, there’s no way to keep it hidden and it shouldn’t be. If it’s outside that scope, then I’ll leave that to Congressional oversight to determine what should or shouldn’t be released and for what reason. What ever principles are in place that has kept so much of the information released being almost fully redacted should be consistent when considering this.

Still waiting for those indictments from the Trump-controlled DOJ.

The first question that came to my mind when I saw the OP was this:

If everything with the Trump administration is above reproach, then why would Trump be blocking the report that would verify that? What exactly is he trying to hide? It seems to me he would be anxious to exonerate himself if nothing is awry…

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That is actually a fair point. So how many criminal referrals were made by the GOP-led Congress to the Obama DOJ that were never pursued then? That should be an easy one to point to in order to prove your point here.


Bingo. This 1000 times over. :point_up:

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Because Mueller might lie?

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Again, it should be fairly easy to demonstrate where Mueller would be lying IF that were to occur. He can challenge that easily enough.

But - that is kind of getting into hypothetical situations.

Hey Johnny Derp, Reality Rob called to remind you that talk radio and evening Fox news is like wrestling. It is meant to entertain but is mostly make believe.