Giuliani: We're going to block the Mueller report

Why would Mueller lie?

Let me guess: FBI, the media, are THE MAN, and Trump is standing up to THE MAN, therefore, they are out to get him. Down with the Deep State, and hail Q!

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There is no way on heaven or earth that the Mueller report will be blocked.

Are there any elderly conservatives still defending Nixon after Watergate?

I haven’t found any.

In that observation, I find hope for all of today’s Trump-fawning loonies.

Of course you would…based on…?

I absolutely love how a question about an easily verified fact is dismissed as a “LW talking point.”

Soon, gravity itself will be a “LW talking point”–just like global warming is.

As well as the sum of two plus two.

Nice excuse right there…forgetting that there were investigations…even by the Republican Congress. And they turned up…what?

It’s more than 90 percent trolling from that angry corner of the room these days. The moderators agree with their politics, so tread carefully.

Interesting. You think you know that they are doing in the trump investigations, but don’t know if they have other investigations…

People who live in the real world, see what is obviously happening. I mean, Trump’s numbers are sinking. The number of self-identified Republicans are shrinking. A transgender woman beat out a long-time conservative in Virginia. A Democrat won an Alabama Senate seat. The Texas Senate race is a toss-up.

It’s good to see right-leaning people like us, who see through things and look at things objectively. I believe too many conservatives out there feel they have to defend Trump because he wears a red shirt. I learned my lesson during the Bush years to never show party loyalty.


How many special prosecutors invested him?

What’s the answer to his question, Commander Fact Free?

You people have big big difficulties with nonlinear thinking… don’t you?

You like this style:

And if someone throws a monkey wrench (am I allowed to say that) into your nice little process by answering a question with a question, you people freeze up and go catatonic.

But you people are the smart ones, right?


That’s because people can recognize dishonest arguments when they see them.

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Just let me know the day and time when you can man up enough to answer that easily verified question, and we’ll continue the conversation.

Till then, you’ve got eleventeen hours of trolling ahead of you.

Keep your coffee hot and your fingers limber. You’ve got a lot of Internet dancing to do.

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I’ll give Ish credit where credit is due. His unquestioning loyalty to a politician is impressive. Ish, how do you do it, man?

You are no doubt a very logical person. But honesty does not depend solely on logic.

The Linearity of Logic
“Linear Thinking” is defined as: a process of thought following known cycles or step-by-step progression where a response to a step must be elicited before another step is taken.

You libs are supposed to excel at nonlinear thinking. I’m starting to think you guys here are really cons who are pretending to be libs.

Yes, that’s it. Dance just like that. Ten hours and fifty-six minutes left of that, and then you get lunch.

No. Honesty depends on honesty. There is none in this administration and there is about the same in the supporters of it.

My vacation is over. I used it all up. Gotta go to work in a few minutes so that more Chicagoans can buy new Nikes.

So, you guys will be on your own for awhile. Keep it linear, Bro.

I’m sorry you feel that way.