Giuliani: We're going to block the Mueller report

Really Giuliani/Trump.

So much for transparency. So much for draining the swamp. I can’t decide on which presidency has been more corrupt: Nixon, Harding, or Trump. Apparently, the Trump “Administration” doesn’t want you to know their findings. After all, Mueller is one big Democrat, and wants to get back at Trump for um, I don’t know.

I am waiting for this nightmare to be over.

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I’m thinking Bill Clinton and Obama might have the market cornered on hard core corruption.


obviously, but this thread is about trump

How many people working for or with Obama have been indicted again?


Love that talking LW talking point. It is of course about as stupid as can be, given the corrupt Obama DOJ would never dream of indicting anyone, no matter how corrupt.

Good job, Jeff…

Thats only because the Obama admin choose not to pursue these charges.
On the other hand the head of the Trump admin… Trump himself doesn’t want his own admin going after his own people. But they do anyway and what do you get out of it? A bunch of early morning bitching and moaning twitter style every morning. I mean ■■■? Talk about a catch 22. It’s not like people didn’t say he couldn’t handle the job.

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Well not actually. Nixon and Harding were mentioned, so I thought it only fair to include Bill Clinton and Obama as well. :+1:


Rigged witch hunt keeps sweeping up witches.

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What is stopping Trump DOJ from doing it right now.

How do we know they aren’t?

There are over 40k sealed indictments which fat donald will be unseal very soon.

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And yet 18 months in and the Trump controlled DOJ has yet to indict any Obama era officials. Your RW talking point is duly noted though. As baseless as it is of course


Rudy is talking about keeping matters covered by executive privilege confidential. For example Mueller conducted extensive interviews with White House counsel and other WH employees which no doubt involve sensitive conversations that the president will want to remain secret.

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The leakiest of the leakies has yet to leak this double secret investigation?

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The lack of indictments is the proof of corruption, duh!

Oh, jinx.

Peek you done took my sarcastic crazy and turned it into an actual thing you believe. How bout that!

Privilege was waived in each of those cases.

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have you considered the doj and fbi were corrupt under obama?