Giuliani: Trump legal team ready to argue Mueller subpoena 'before the Supreme Court'

I bet they do wanna fight this thing for years. If I were Trump I would fight and stay outta court for as long as humanly possible.

Oh, and this comment is pretty funny …

“If he doesn’t get it done in the next two or three weeks we will just unload on him like a ton of bricks,” Giuliani told the outlet."

“The defendants argument?”

“I don’t wanna, you can’t make me.”

Conservative Justices: “Sounds great!”

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Courts in his favor

Hey, maybe they’ll actually win. If so, not being able to subpoenaed might be useful for whoever the next Democrat President is.

President Trump is one scared little ■■■■ head.

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I thought Trump WANTED to be interviewed by Mueller? Or was that fake news?


I can’t wait to watch the flip flopping.

Trump was in favor of being interviewed before he was opposed to being interviewed.

On a side note, when I was heavily involved with the republicans I recall them making fun of a presidential candidate for that kind of indecisiveness …

Hard to fault him if he finally listens to good legal advice. Damn right he should refuse to be interviewed and fight any subpoena. Any lawyer would say the same thing. But feel free to criticize him for being a moron for initially saying he would agree to it because that was stupid.

Yeah, he is smart to listen to legal advice. He would have been a lot smarter to listen to said legal advice earlier, as you referenced.

I would easily agree if this was trump the candidate or trump the businessman. But a trump the president…it really makes him look like a criminal with something to hide.

I think this is actually not as cut and dried for him tactically as people think.

I mean, it goes without saying, he has something to hide, so of course there is that. But beyond that, fighting this really damages his ability to lead. Such as it is.

I’m not so sure.

We’ll be treated to months if not years of the president arguing he has the right to hide evidence from am investigator because…why? Because he’s the president?

Completely undermines his ‘forgotten man’ image…not that his base gives a ■■■■■ They have support plenty of things that similarly contradict his platform messages. But still, there might be a limit.

He has a constitutional duty to fight any subpoena in a criminal matter while he is a sitting President, this is bigger than just him. There is one way to remove a sitting President legally and constitutionally and arrests, criminal trials and jail isn’t it. If Meuller wants to try him, he’ll have to wait until he is no longer in office.

The fact that he is a habitual liar of course is another very good reason he should avoid any interview or subpoena like the plague. But even if he were honest he would have far more to lose than to gain in that situation and any lawyer would advise him not to do it.

Being compelled to respond to a subpoena is not the same thing as being criminally charged. You’re conflating issues here.

Are you a lawyer?

Not at all, it is the prelude to that impermissible outcome. And if he is successfully compelled to do so, he should show up, plead the fifth, and go home.

No, do I need to be one to know what lawyers usually advise their clients to do in regard to interviews with prosecutors or police? If law enforcement wants to talk to me and I have any notion they suspect me of a crime, that is only ever going to happen with a lawyer present to advise me when or if to answer their specific questions. And that doesn’t change in the least if I know I am as innocent as a newborn puppy.

There are no criminal charges levied against him at this time. This is a constitutional investigation.

Also he would be wise to heed the Clinton example. If the clintons had turned over Vince foster letters and cooperated with the investigation it’s likely no one would ever have known about his affair with lewinsky. It all would have stopped there. And this was a guy with nothing to hide but sex.

Only a complete fool ever operates under the assumption that law enforcement or a prosecutor is trying to help them exonerate themselves.

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I guess the people DON’T have to know whether or not their president is a crook. It’s really not an important question when you think about it.

if they were investigating a murder in the White House would you suggest he not speak to the investigators?

This is just like that.

Did you miss the part where I said if you have any idea you are the target of the investigation?