Giuliani: 'Time for Mueller to end this pursuit of the President and say President Trump is completely innocent'

What? No warning?

Pleeeeease. Give us a warning… anything.

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Hey Rudy - Rosenstein also said that the Meuller investigation is still ongoing.

I guess he missed the part about the Congressional candidate contacting these Russians in order to get illicit material about their opponent. Or the constant lies from Trump and his associates about secret meetings/correspondence with Russians in the months before and after the election.

“No Americans are involved”

No patriotic Americans perhaps.

You got to hand it to Giuliani… He even said that with a straight face…


Rev Jeffreys says “it’s time to lance the boil”. I might have to agree.

Cali is a weak fake trump supporter. Does fake posts for fun. Like a lot of people here. Ive never understood why people enjoy that. Theres a whole South Park season about that but i dont understood.


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I’m sure Mueller got a good chuckle out of Giuliani’s statement.


Hillary Clinton warned us.

Sorry, you’re not weak. I’m going go cry now. You won.

When your job is to lie about the king of liars, it’s really hard to be taken seriously.

Go away Rudy.

Yeah that’s funny cause Obama said the election was fair. No ballot boxes tampered with and we elected a president as we always have. Just not the one liberals wanted. Snowflake liberals need to get over their loss and carry on.

Don’t know what you’re arguing against here. You haven’t countered anything posted.

You might as well argued that waffles taste good.

Compelling argument. The President was suspected of collusion with Russians, and his campaign. Didn’t happen. Time to end it. Declare Trump innocent of the charges.

I like Rudy, he isn’t verbose. Clarity of thought. Insightful mind.

Rudy had more dignity when he drassed in drag.

Sure. Whatever pal

Keep reaching for that brass ring, Alfie.

That likely was why his run for the Presidency didn’t succeed. Its so persuasive.

I suspect you read Scot Adam’s book. You recall how Saturday Night Live put Trump in the Oval Office, but Hillary as a barmaid giving drinks to a drunken Hillary.

Pictures persuade long after the joke is forgotten.

I already got the Gold, you haven’t been paying attention.