Ginsburg to retire?


I’m with you personally I believe these justices should have a mandatory retirement age.


Presidency has a term limit. In fact, even after just the first term the electorate get to give him another election ordeal.

We give senior citizens a re-test for a drivers license periodically.

Maybe judges need to be able to pass at least a roadside sobriety test. Not testing for drunkenness. Just to prove that they have the minimal capability to function as well as someone buzzed, but not drunk enough to be charged with DUI.


Can’t speak for Tguns, but I have no doubt that this society will experience a political apocalypse that would make the Kavanaugh hearing look like a picnic. Especially if Trump gets to pick the nominee.


I oppose any changes to life tenure for federal judges.

Mechanism’s exist to quietly remove Judges at the lower level from handling cases if they are losing it.

At the Supreme Court it is a different matter, but generally there haven’t been any problems.

The two most notable exceptions were Douglas, who’s protracted refusal to retire after suffering a stroke forced the Chief Justice to hold over several cases were his vote would have made the difference and Justice Marshall, who stayed about two terms too long and was in serious cognitive decline by the time he finally retired.

I would deal with this situation by strengthening the judicial disability statute so that it can be used with more effect on Supreme Court Justices if needed.


Boozin Brett’s been slogging down thousands of beers. Who knows what his brain looks like now. He might have the brain of an 80 yr old.


This will make liberals heads explode.


Democrats will be like……………Due process? What’s due process!? lol.

If Trump is able to appoint someone else.


Elaborate please … I’m trying to understand why. Are you saying that Democrats are willing to burn down the country to prevent another Trump appointment to the Court regardless of who it is?


Sorry. Too little, too late.


To keep a fossil like that in a position where her decision at times solely directs/decides someone’s life or death is absurd.


You’re a trump supporter.


“Some people just really like their jobs and really like working.”

Pretty sure they used to lock people up in padded rooms for that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You have that right. In cases like these, they might even bring in a “special” prosecutor who investigates anything and everything except what he was originally “hired” to investigate.


What an odd fatalistic OP.

Fate does work in mysterious ways. If President Trump has a Senate majority and 2 years to pick a replacement, this will counter much of the hysterical and unjust media treatment he has endured.

Hopefully we can get this corroborated. I have found people to be very secretive about terminal illness. Sadly there is no good reason to be less than truthful and forthright.



Sadly that may be what happens.



They were lighting virtual bonfires during the Kavanaugh hearings. And that was just over the fact that the shift being created was from a moderate to a conservative.

If it’s over the creation of a shift from flaming liberal to conservative, damned straight there are plenty of factions – even at some of the highest levels of government, and certainly the fifth-column media – that would rather burn down the country.

We have weaponized government function. That’s the fuel that will be used to burn down the country.


Yes…I was about the only one here believing that he will win…
what does that have to do with what we’re talking about now?


Judging by how Democratic pack of wolfs was on a serious prowl during the last Senate confirmation hearings when the political balance of SCOTUS was just barely tilted, [think of Roberts as not always on the same side with Conservative 4 there].
If Trump brings one more justice that he promised he would the balance would make solid Conservative SCOTUS for a loooong time.
I am sure Democrats will burn the house down or even start a war to prevent it.


Fate is a fickle partner.

IF Ginsburg does retire or pass in the next year or so, I think president Trump will find a moderate that will keep the masses at bay.

Raging and rioting is almost like work and if it can be avoided…It will be.



That would make Trump look afraid to offend the Left.
I doubt he’d do that.
And if he did I believe his second term would not happen.
The only reason he got elected was for standing firm and fighting
to keep all his promises.
Plus…I never saw him as being generous to his enemies.
What the Left did with his last nomination was criminal, [throwing presumption of innocence out],
and if Trump gives in to their threats, [what they did was definitely a threat to any other Conservative nomination], then he’d be seen as weak and backing down.
I can’t imagine Trump doing it, it’s not in his nature.
I can see him having hard time finding a strong enough a person who would willingly go through a hell that it will be for all to see.