Ginsburg to retire?


Some people just really like their jobs and really like working.


If true… that does explain the desperation doesn’t it?


It could weather it, though a certain faction would have fits. But she is not way going to voluntarily leave that post with Trump as President.


I can’t imagine the job is all that stressful. Listen to cases and make decisions. Not exactly digging ditches in extreme weather conditions😀


I wouldn’t call what she does now “work” She may very well be half ass senile by now.
I am years younger and I walk into the kitchen and can’t remember where the light switch is.


That liberal hag needs to go.


It takes a healthy brain and clear thinking.
Who knows how many atrophied brain cells she has…we don’t test people for that but we stop pilots or train operators at certain age.
Ever seen an eighty year old pilot? Would you get on the plane if you see one?


At what age would you stop a SCOTUS judge?




You do realize Trump isn’t too far behind her, right? Let’s change the number on this post to 71. Now, how would you answer?


I don’t know exactly but it deserves a discussion.
I can see an old old priest or post office clerk but not a buss driver or a nanny.
Would you leave your child with Ms. Ginsburg at home…you’d need someone to care for both of them. I wouldn’t trust her with boiling eggs on the stove.


Should we make annual cognitive function tests mandatory for all elected officials older than, say, 65?




SEE: Did Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Announce She Will Be Retiring in January 2019?

Published 29 November 2018

In short, this “news” about an imminent Ginsburg retirement was reported exclusively by a single obscure site — one that publishes fake news written by fake people. Its credibility should be judged accordingly.


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No…but for SCOTUS …maybe a good idea.
But if that’s too embarrassing then maybe they retire at age 70.
I think that mental capacity or sharpness decreases with age no matter what and where mental alertness and fitness is the main tool of their trade there has to be a limit. We just can’t assume they are fit. As I said I know my self I am not as sharp and “forget” stuff…and I am far from being 85.
In her case she can look up stuff in the books but WHO guarantees she will “remember” to NEED to DO it.


Should the presidency be subject to the same testing, or is it a less important office than sitting on the SCOTUS bench?


It IS important and same for them.


Thanks, just checking.


No, just those that are 72.



I missed this thread on the first go around, but now I too am wondering what @Tguns is talking about with his prognostication of “cataclysmic events.” Are you still out there buddy? Come on back and fill us in.


The only way RGB leaves the Supreme Court while Trump is President is in a pine box.