Ginsburg Has Liver Cancer

Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed today that she is being treated for liver cancer.

She’s a tough old bird but I’m afraid she isn’t tough enough to beat liver cancer. We’ll see. I wish her well.

I had a friend who after going through chemo, thought the cancer was beat but a short time later, it came back. She told her family she’d rather die, than go through chemo again…and she died. This is a horrible disease and a horrible treatment. I wish her well and truly wish mankind could find a cure.


Ya never know. My SIL’s best friend passed away from liver cancer at 45 (not sure if it was the primary or secondary site).

But former POTUS James Carter was diagnosed, IIRC, in his 80s & he’s survived so far.

May she enjoy effective pain relief and the companionship of loved ones wherever this stage of her journey takes her.

Carter beat it with immunotherapy. Ginsburg said immunotherapy didn’t work
on her cancer and she’s taking chemotherapy.

Sorry to hear it. Chemotherapy can be a difficult, draining experience. I hope she receives adequate pain management.

She is precisely why libs are fighting so hard…and why Trump needs to ■■■■■■■ shape up.

I wouldn’t bet against her.

She needs to retire.
William O Douglas’ lasting legacy was holding on too long. He was wetting and pooping on himself and stayed on the Court. Finally the rest of the Court convinced him he needed to go. After he retired he kept coming back until security kept him out.

That’s up to her.

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Of course it is.

I’m sorry to hear that. Liver cancer can be very painful as can the treatment. I wouldn’t wish that disease on anyone.

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My Father-in-law died of it. At least it was quick. He passed two weeks after being diagnosed.

Sorry for your loss.

No…I wouldn’t either.

Scary. When people get older they’re much more tuned into what can happen…they start questioning their own mortality. And let less likely wishing ill on others.

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I’ve heard people say that as well. At 87 years of age I don’t hold much hope for her.

I wish her the best and do hope she can beat this.

Hate to say this…she won’t. from my understanding unless she gets a liver transplant and even then they will only extent her life for short period…and be a waste of a perfectly good liver.

I’m no doctor nor do I pretend to be one…it’s just what I’ve read about it.

Unfortunately, I doubt she’ll pull through. At 87 years old, even if perfectly healthy, she could die in her sleep and it wouldn’t be unusual. I still wish her the best. I don’t agree with her but she is a decent human being.

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She’s responding to treatment, and isn’t going any time soon.


She doesn’t have liver cancer. She is not undergoing treatment for liver cancer.

She has lesions on her liver from a resurgence of her past pancreatic cancer. She is on a drug regimen which has good luck treating this situation.