Get your freedom phone

Many on the right are hawking these phones. I can’t make this up if I try.


For an android made in China with pre loaded FREE conservative leaning apps. Don’t do it folks. It is a scam!

The Freedom Phone is a smart phone backed by PATRIOTS.
Use code CANDACE for 10% of your new Freedom Android.

So I guess the righties who promote it get a cut.

but the Obama phones were gold…

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And the volume went to eleven.

I wish I’d thought of this…

Well, that’s why you’re not The World’s Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire.


Many? I bet it’s not near the number of dems who have fallen for fake news stories over and over. And are still the only people who think the media is honest. LMAO!..

Oh, and how much money have those solar panels saved you? Not near enough to pay for them. Oh, look more homeless from voting dem… Is that the goal?

What an amazing business model. The grift has proven to work… I wish I would have thought of it

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Yet another grift

Wow, they went for the gold here:

I’m not kidding… what great marketing.

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We have common ground on this issue.

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I thought this was particularly choice hyperbole on your part. I was wrong.

He took a phone that probably costs him $80-$100 to manufacture… and is selling it for $500. I nice 80% margin.

If he sells 10k of these… he made 4 million dollars.

10k wouldn’t be hard to reach, especially with Candace Owens endorsing

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The ordering page is slick. Super simple to navigate and a perfect combination of carefully selected buzz words without any further explanation.


He’s not manufacturing them. He’s buying then from China.

Correct. I still think his cost is around $100 to acquire the phone. Probably less than that

I heard $100-$120 as the “standard” price for those phones. But who knows what kind of deal he got.

Please let it be Huawei.