Get ready for competing narratives!

We have the Twitter Files.

Soon we will have…The Meadows Texts!

Wherein the authors will release many of the 2,319 Mark Meadows texts between Meadows and many other senior Republican officials from Election Night through January 6, detailing all the different ways Trump and his team tried to overturn the election.

Gaze in wonder as the cheerleaders in the Twitter Files thread flock to deny/deflect/dismiss/distort any conclusions from the Meadows Texts authors, and vice versa.

Coming soon to a Hannity Forum near you!

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getting out ahead of that message huh?


There’s the first one!


I don’t think we have had this before,

It’s really gonna be fun!

We survived six years of Trump investigations (still ongoing) we can make it through Twitter gate.


But TwitterGate and TextGate at the same time?

It’s like matter v antimatter, right?

This promises to be all as exciting as the Jan6 committee hearing itself.

But I will try to play along as if though this were a thing. After all, this is a discussion group.


By the way…where has Mark Meadows been the last couple years?

they do what they can to diminish and dismiss everything that shows them to be abject liars and fools


Sounds ike gaslighting to me.


Could be the last one but i doubt it. My bull ■■■■ detector needs to be recalibrated…

There’s two with the “this is not a thing” while the Twitter Files…that is a THING!

Thanks for playing!


Which Meadow conclusion did they do that too Mr Research?

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None… They preempted everything already. They didn’t even wait for anything to be presented.

Look at them trying to imitate their betters now that their panties have been thoroughly rustled.



Yep and when he gets caught with his pants down calling strikes he punts.


Really what did these statements preempt

By the way it isn’t a thing yet only your irrational glee it might be

Nope nothing there either.


Some libs definitely need this thread as a distraction. The Kung Flu Files are coming out of Twitter soon, and the guilty consciences with a “higher education” don’t like being reminded how they never once got anything right. :wink:


Kinda looking forward to the investigations into Hunter, his laptop, and the alleged10 percent payoffs to the big guy myself.

Is Brandon compromised is important.

Gop says the investigation is more into Brandon than Hunter.

Didn’t deny it I see.

Probably on twitter.