Get ready for competing narratives!

Me too.

It’s gonna be an epic face plant.

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How? That’s the moderation part. A private app moderated tweets.

Everybody knew they moderated. They lied about shadowbanning, tricking their clients. Now, what did the FBI have to do with it?


If there’s corruption…on either side…I want it dealt with swiftly and appropriately. It’s just that, I haven’t witnessed that in the past…

omg… its a whole whataboutism thread


So basically you started a thread so you could diminish anyone who chooses not to play along with your narrative.


I choose to be completely disinterested in narratives started by the same leftists who lied about Russia collusion…said nothing when this administration was falsely claiming the border is secure, inflation would be transitory, there is no crt in schools, of course the virus originated in nature, and that the events of 1-6 were as bad as Pearl Harbor and 9-11, and of course who played along with every stupid lie told about hunter Biden’s laptop, his fathers proven lies about knowing nothing about his son’s business, etc.

I reject your damn narrative…completely…based on your track record.


There is no actual purpose, topic to this thread. When you make a topic, its purpose is not to initiate a food fight with no actual discussion.