German government: We are beating you up and locking you up for your own good

Risks of transmission outdoors have been extremely low, yet the German government is using the pretext of COVID risks to attack anti-lockdown protestors. Other protests continue to be allowed.

How is anyone benefiting from police beating up protestors and then confining them in conditions that are much more likely to result in the transmission of COVID?

Is the German model of repression on its way to the US?

If you are really concerned about the tiny risk of transmission, then don’t go near the protestors?

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Obviously, the international left is not a real big fan of liberty. Lot’s of protests in France too. Personally, I don’t think their elections are fair either.


In my opinion, if a lock down gets ordered here and there isn’t strong evidence that the virus is doing serious damage, there will be retaliation here too.

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Maybe people who are afraid their own precautions are not sufficient to keep them safe should wear an armband requesting everybody to keep their distance. I would be willing to give such people a minute to get out of my way.

They could also have shops run by similarly sensitive souls with a symbol out front indicating the maximum precautions are required within. I would be quite willing to avoid using those premises.

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i doubt there will be

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Rightfully so, the German government is particularly wary of violent right-wing populist movements.

It is also not surprising which side you guys have chosen.


It would be happening now then.

Seems kind of 1930’s Germany only voluntary. :thinking:

Strange that sympathy for them has become so consistently predictable.

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these anti-lockdown protest are mostly being run by banned white nationalist group trying to rally more support for their fascist replacement theory BS.

No they aren’t.

all the same names and faces keep showing up.

Fake news. Disinformation.

“Non-violent resistance”

not very up to date on the Identitarian movement in Europe, its Fascism for kids!

Of course it is.

“Fascism” :rofl:

I mean what would you call authoritarian politics based on cultural superiority.

Progressivism. Socialism. Vanguardianism. Oligarchy.

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well the leader of their movement was banned from entering the U.S by homeland security, might be a little suspicious

So what?