Georgia planning to cut voter rolls by 100,000

I’m sorry. Could you show me where being lazy or apathetic is valid excuse to disenfranchise someone.

Course we know what it really means, it means I don’t want “them”** voting against my guy.


(THEM** meaning those DEM as a political view, no attempted indication that the “them” are people of color.)


I’m sorry. Can you show me where registering to vote as has been done for the past 50 years is disenfranchisement? How did you manage to pull it off if it’s so freaking impossible?


Five years isn’t that long considering many people never vote in the midterms. Five years could be sitting out one presidential election. I’m not sure if that is enough to signal a lack of desire to vote permanently.

Well since they know now, they can register. That’s what I would do. That’s also what you would do. So where’s the problem?

Might cause some problems on election day and they show up thinking they can vote.

I agree with all of this 100%. 1,000%. We have all these battles about registration, when the obvious solution is to just do away with it entirely. Of course my side would have to give way on the I.D. requirements, but I am okay with that.

The idea should be to make it easy to vote, not harder.

Alas, that is not the world we live in.

I haven’t looked at the 39 replies yet, but it’s common knowledge that voter rolls are a mess. Invariably when they try to clean them up, they use a bulldozer however. I have very little confidence that they will take the time required to do a proper job of it.

Disagree. The desire to “signal” the lack of desire to vote should be not voting and nothing more, and the state certainly should not use a perceived desire to disenfranchise.

Well, that is where we differ. I believe that voting should be an positive right that the voter chooses to exercise, not a negative right that the state can remove on a whim.

But if you did that you would miss out on all that wonderful spam mail and calls from politicians. Lol


Not on your life. Nothing is going to prevent politicians from sending out spam mail and asking for money.


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It’s possible. But only if they are uninformed. Voters should always stay informed. It’s important to democracy.

On Election Day, I saw hundreds of people stream into the polls who asked one question “Give me the list of endorsed candidates. I need to know who to vote for”.

Should those people be disenfranchised?

Is not having your vote depend on what total strangers have decided are the proper candidates the very epitome of lazy and apathetic?

No you wouldn’t because there’d still be records of IF you voted.

Which is how politicians create their mailing lists, among other ways.

The opinion quoted, at least to me, appears to be if they don’t vote for my guy - then they are lazy and apathetic. The logic being those that aren’t lazy and apathetic would be voting for my guy.


I’m wondering if they are all black voters. Any info?

Trump would have probably lost by many many more votes had the Altair Rule been in place.

I worked the polls in November 2020. Hundred and hundreds of people in their 30s, 40s and 50s came out to vote who had never ever voted before.

They came out in 2016.

These voters are one of the reasons Trump support was always underestimated.

Pollsters and campaigns never reach out to people who have never voted.

Trump did, and his campaign did a bunch of the “registration harvesting” the right always lambastes Stacy Abrams for doing in Georgia.

It should be easy to exercise a right?

Yes it should.

I’m not pleased I have to wait a day to pick up the gun I bought at auction today.

I didn’t have to wait to PAY for it.

Interesting the timing on the roll clean up.