Georgia planning to cut voter rolls by 100,000

Obviously the system needs some work. They need to maintain it a little better. Anybody take issue with this?

Georgia Plans To Cut 100,000 Names Off State Voter Rolls In ‘Major List Maintenance Effort’ | The Daily Wire

I’m happy that Hannity members approve of this. I wonder if that will change once your media goofballs and politicians start screaming,


So now, our job is to encourage people to confirm their registration status and re-register if necessary.

And that is where the rubber meets the road. Registration or re-regustration should be relatively simple. If people run into road blocks, that is the suppression.

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That is not suppression.

If somebody has not voted in over 5 years is it too much work for them to let the state know that they have not moved, they are not dead and plan on voting in the future?

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"The 101,789 names set to be removed from Georgia’s voting rolls are being taken off because of a change of address or after failing to vote for at least five consecutive years. "

You’re right, OP, this is voter supression.

Dear lord people go to the dmv get and ID it’s that simple you will need it to open a bank, travel, put your children in school or go to school yourself, buy alcohol the list is endless.

No one enjoys going to the dmv, regardless of color the experience sucks.

How does it prevent anyone from voting?

How? If they moved, they can’t vote in local elections.

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You misread my post.

If a person is removed from the rolls, fine, whatever.

It needs to be easy to re-register. If it is not, that is the suppression.

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This has nothing to do with voter ID. It has to do with change of addresses and not voting for 5 years.


My only pause is from the article that says " After the 2020 election cycle ended, Raffensperger made it a priority to continue with the list maintenance process. The 101,789 obsolete voter files that will be removed include 67,286 voter files associated with a National Change of Address form submitted to the U.S. Postal Service; 34,227 voter files that had election mail returned to sender; and 276 that had no-contact with elections officials for at least five years. In each of these cases, the individual had no contact with Georgia’s elections officials in any way – either directly or through the Department of Driver Services – for two general elections."

Just because you submit an address change does not mean you are disqualified from voting in Georgia. I submitted multiple change of address change forms and continued to vote in NY State for 20 years. Happens quite a bit for the military.

So I’m hoping there are protections in their process to not attempt to disenfranchise service members performing their duty outside the State of Georgia.


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That’s a fair point. If people are having difficulty re-registering after moving or years of non voting, they need to fix that part of the system too.

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Raffensberger isn’t trusted by many Republicans in his own state and was censured. He took over $5 million from Mark Zuckerberg and changed the rules for mail in voting, without going through the process prescribed by Georgia law.

Georgia GOP Censures Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (

Georgia SOS Brad Raffensperger’s Office Explains Taking More than $5 Million from Mark Zuckerberg Group for State’s 2020 Presidential Election - The Georgia Star News

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Agreed. But I think this particular move is a good one.

Can you trust him though that this is a good move?

All states should clean up their voting rolls and they should pefectly reflect the actual, legal voting population. Anything that does that, I’m for.

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This was going to be my comment.

If the process whereby they decide to remove people from the rolls isn’t as ■■■■■■ and inaccurate as it was in 2019, I have no issue with this.

Because as you said, people change their address all the time for many reasons.

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I’m not sure. I have to take it one example at a time.

Here is what is weird about me and I’ve considered myself a member of the GOP since 1978.

I don’t think citizens should have to register to vote. If you are:
(A) Over 18 on election day,
(B) Have not committed a felony and had your franchised removed through the courts,
(C) Have not had your franchise removed through a medical diagnosis of mental incapacity registered with the courts, or
(D) Had your franchise restored after being removed by (B) or (C).

The default position is that you are already a valid voter and upon election day you are only required to present a valid ID showing who you are and your current residence.

So for example your drivers license or state ID would show your current address. There would be a code indicating whether your franchise was active or suspended. Walk up to vote, present your ID, the election official scans it and validates the validity and hands you a ballot.

There would be no “active voter” rolls to maintain as each citizen is already a valid voter. The check would be instead to determine if someone WAS NOT a valid voter. Since all removal of franchise would have to be registered with the court, that information would be available to election officials instantly for a national verification.

Flipping the the coin on the point of examination if you will. It should not matter ONE WIT if I voted in the last 5 years or not, if I’m a legal voter and I haven’t voted for 10 years I should be able to vote. (“I” being the royal “I” here as I’ve voted in every election for over 40 years.)



I do. Because people who are too lazy to register are less likely to be informed and more likely to be apathetic. Let them stay home where they belong. Anyone who doesn’t want to get register because it’s too much work should not.