George Will: Vote against the GOP this November

This of course will go down like a lead balloon with most of todays American conservatives, since they’re all about owning the libs these days, notsomuch booklearning and stuffy obscure baseball facts. Tomi Lahren rules the day, notsomuch George Will.

But it’s still interesting to see the divide between those conservatives who have essentially deemed the GOP a dead party, and those who remain in the hopes of salvaging it post-Trump.

Wonder which camp will ultimately end up being correct, i’m betting on the first.

George Will has never “ruled the day” with conservatives or anyone else.

When I try to read it I am told I have to pay the Washington Post $10. I am declining, but it should remind us that we are listening to the wisdom of a Washington Post selected and paid for conservative.

Open incognito. You’ve obviously been reading too much WaPo recently.


The conservative intelligentsia certainly had a lot less influence than previously thought.

Palin should have been a clue there.


Will has always been an arrogant snob outside of the mainstream of conservatism.

Yep, like every other former editor of The National Review.


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You’re not helping your case any.

he’s logical and has some honor. it’s not surprising he’d say that.

Krauthammer worked for WaPo and in recent times loathed, but was lionized upon the news of his illness and passing.

It’s amazing how many conservative darlings are no longer darlings because they dare to question Trump or extreme positions…and then people try to pretend they “never believed he was a conservative”.

Same game many played with George W. Bush.

I’m sure in your mind you truly believe this dreck.

But not everyone’s memories have gone down the Memory Hole like yours have.


I certainly remember all the cheering of Bush and McCain by many of these same people. They even cheated Palin for God’s Sake.

Try this link instead.

Get those big words out of here, in Trumplandia we stick to simple terms like “libs”


Lol you can’t be serious.

We have always been at war with Eastasia

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This is bananas. George Will is one of the architects of modern American conservatism.

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Yes, but he’s not “mainstream”.

In that the current core of unmasked nationalists always hated him :laughing:.

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I really feel for people like Goldberg or Nichols, who are trying to look long-term and salvage something from the steeped puddle of ■■■■ that is the modern GOP.

But Trump aint the problem, he’s just the symptom.


True, they never forgive him or Bill Buckley for disavowing and discrediting the John Birch Society back in the Sixties.

By the by, Birchers look positively sensible compared to today’s nutters and they thought Eisenhower was a Soviet agent lol.

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