George Soros funding campaigns of candidates who will promote law-breaking

What could possibly go wrong?

“Since early October, Mr. Soros has spent more than $800,000 on ads supporting Ms. Mitchell through one of his political action committees, helping to bring visibility to a candidate pledging to stop “the overprosecution of the poor” and minority groups, and restore trust between law enforcement and communities in the county.”

The New York Times · 2 days ago
Soros Adds Intrigue and $800,000 to D.A. Race, Backing Progressive

Maybe we should outlaw money as speech?


Fake title, fake news. Promoting law breaking and reducing the over prosecution of poor and minority groups are not the same thing.

Where’s the promotion of law-breaking?

We see it being played out in other Democrat run cities where theft under 900 dollars will not be prosecuted. And it’s OK to jump turn-stiles on the subway.

You didn’t answer the question. Where is the promotion to break the law?


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“Reducing the over prosecution of poor and minority groups” for doing what?

I think this thread should be merged with a hub thread for fake news


Doing things more affluent people get lesser sentences for and highly affluent people get away scott free

Also, you are still unable to show where the candidate is promoting lawbreaking so I am out. Enjoy promoting fake news.

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What do people get sentences for doing?

Thanks in advance.

Electing progressive state prosecutors who will not prosecute crimes will create lawless districts away from which conservatives will move, yielding the political appointments in those areas to Democrats, who will be voted for by criminals who want immunity and the majority of the poor programmed to expect handouts who will be vote farmed by the Democrats.

It’s not going to be as quick a strategy for the destruction of the American experiment as winning the presidency, but will be eventually effective, if not countered effectively now. It’s the fall-nack position for when impeachment fails and they lose the House as well in 2020.

Nobody wants to click on those nonsense links. Who knows where they go. Tell us in your own words.


They still receive a violation and a fine. They didn’t decriminalize it, they just made it into a violation and enforcement of that violation is at sky high levels

If you experienced the level and type of policing the average ghetto does in your neighborhood for one single day, you’d be ready for an armed insurrection.


So those things are still against the law. How did the OP miss that?

I guess it would be better to clog the courts prosecuting petty thieves and fare dodgers

Better to put rich criminals through the courts
as well. The cure for lawlessness is not excusing the crimes of more sectors, but enforcing the law on more sectors.