George Papadopolous

The entire Mueller investigation was built around a man named George Papadopolous and the accusation that he was attempting to get information on Hillary Clinton through hacked emails that would benefit Trump in the election. He pled guilty to lying to the FBI and was sentenced to…14 days in jail. He served just one day. Papadopolous says he always told the Mueller team that there was no collusion with Russians. He says he stated this emphatically. Now he believes that this was eliminated in Mueller’s report and is considering withdrawing his plea. Why would a man do that? I mean he’s already served his time so…why would he do that? Here is George speaking for himself in his own words;

He says he was set up for the sole purpose of going after Trump. If this is true, there’s the deep state in action. It would require collusion between the FBI, the DOJ and possibly the State Department. I’ve mentioned this several times and thought Papadopolous would react sooner. Let’s see if he actually does this and if he does, will it expose criminal activity at the highest levels of our government? Remember…none of this would have come about if Hillary was elected. What say you?

We should believe him.

Must be a reason the judge gave him such a short sentence. Don’t you think?

After an investigation that has rocked this country for two years sentences the perp to 14 days in jail but only has to serve one, you can believe the investigation was built on a farce and they’ve harmed an almost completely innocent man. Let the time served speak for itself. Do you believe that?

What part of…it was a plea deal…don’t you understand. :roll_eyes:


When you start out your thread in error, where can you go from there?


Have you seen back to the future II? Lol alternate 2016

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What part of having to serve just 1 day is it your understanding that we should disrupt our entire country for 2 whole years? Do you honestly not see anything wrong here? Set politics aside… This doesn’t add up my friend. Do you agree?

Please help correct me then.

This ×1000

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So you don’t see anything fishy here? Nothing smells in your opinion? This all makes perfect sense?

Oh, the drama.


…more like…oh…Obama?


Gotta get that grift going.


Were his the only conviction it would be different. As it is all I see is desperate Trump supporters.

Quarter mil and a book deal.

Plus all the speaking circuit fee’s from the conservative victim complex. George knows what’s up.

The Russians, Chineses and many other countries are involved in espionage and hacking. It’s continuing on today but that isn’t what this was about. It was about Trump colluding with the Russians to win an election. Papadopolous says he emphatically said there was no collusion with Russians but for some reason, he’s saying that he’s seen the report and they left that out. If true, why would Mueller and his team do that?

Having to serve just one day in jail…how does Papadopolous’s desire for money explain that?

The mistake you’re making here is taking Trump and those who have worked for him at their word.


That’s how plea deals work Smyrna. You get a slap on the wrist in exchange for co-operation.

And now look at him, getting booked for FNC appearances. George is going to make bank for lying to the FBI.

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