General Flynn Is Not The One Who Should Be Sentenced


You make them sound deplorable. I guess the toughest pill for them to swallow is that Hillary’s description of them was right.

That’s the kind of sting that never goes away.


Which is all trump ever wanted


The level of corruption withing the CoJ, CIA, NSA and FBI has long tentacle that reaches in every aspect of goverment. Their only goal is to protect goverment and it’s bureaucracy at all cost.

Drug cartels and Muslim terrorist is less feared.

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Protect yourself. :wink:


General Flynn is absolutely the one needing sentencing. He’s dirty, crooked, a liar, and a criminal.


Sounds like you’re the one that needs that course. BTW I’m sure you read the NY SLIMES. You are gullible enough to believe their Democrat talking points.


Yet… it never crosses one mind that Flynn might be the corrupt one.



Make that a lifelong course in recognizing and dismissing propaganda.


China is a place for libs.

Move there instead of trying to emulate em.


Do you people just sit around here waiting to disparage innocent people? I suppose you think Hillary ROT HAM is innocent?


Yes, everybody is corrupt except for the people who provably lie to you and the rest of the American people each and every day.


Flynn has been proven to be a felon, a criminal, a liar who is not to be trusted.


Schools are too busy teaching the ABCs and 123s.

We need to start with a lesson called Reality.

Take the kids outdoors. Point at a tree. Say, “What is that?”

Congratulate the children who say, “It’s a tree!”

Have a private discussion with the child who says, “That’s a global conspiracy to undermine the Republican Party.”


There really is absolutely nothing that could come to life proven without a doubt that would change some people’s minds about who the bad guys are here.

Hint: it’s not the FBI


Flynn believed that his activities in Russia with Russians were none of the FBI’s business!


Remember when Flynn would lead chants of “Lock her up!”

That’s pretty funny , in light of what’s going on now. Lol.


He is a felon. Lol. Like so many of Trump’s admin. There are so many felons.


Hillary Clinton has spent the better part of the last few decades being investigated by Republicans in Congress and the media. Is she perfect? No. Have any of them, despite their best efforts, even managed to get her charged with a crime? Let alone convicted? No.


Yes…they think she and Corrupt goverment are innocent.

Goverment told em so.


Hire into the White House those who who respond " I like lamp"


In addition to building logic skills, identifying propaganda, and understanding reality, there will also be a focus on literacy.

Thanks for the reminder.

Why? Do you have a problem with it?