GDP 33.1 % - Yet Stock Market Down on Fears of Biden Win

Charles Payne this morning reporting he believes the markets are coming down on fears of a Biden win.

Also it’s thought the markets will take a huge plunge upon a Biden win, below pre-Trump levels, even more if Democrats win the entire congress.



If you have nothing to lose in the stock market, who cares…amirite? :sunglasses:


Stock market returns are almost always better under Democrat President.


If retired trader Candy Matheson says it, it’s gotta be true.

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Not this time.

So the economy grew a negative 1.7% annualized so far this year?


= -1.7


…in the year of the Wuhan virus. It’s incredible that it didn’t crash and STAY there!


Only a democrat could see a 33.1 % GDP as a negative. If it by some miracle happened under a democrat it would be screamed from the mountaintops by the left,


Did he?


Keynesian economics does work. We just had to have the government step in with the spending.

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It was 20 minutes ago


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Personal spending increased sharply.

Personal income declined sharply.


So 20 mins ago he said the polar opposite of what he tweeted 2 hours ago? Can you link to that please? Even if true why would anyone believe him as he’s literally all over the place?

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Why look at the small picture? I already knew that the numbers coming in would be in the thirty percent range. I’m not claiming one way or another, but I am putting this number in context.


What do you think the stimulus spending was?

When the economy contracts, you increase government spending to make up for it. When the economy expands, you shrink government spending and pay down the debt with the surplus.

That’s from Keynesian economics.

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Anecdotal for sure, but our business (home improvements) has been absolutely booming. People are anxious to get work done before the winter because they fear more shut downs. We’ve had a few clients pass on Dec/Jan time frames for projects and instead said they would put it off until spring, even if that means going to the back of the queue.

Things like home generators, patio heaters, and outdoor living stuff is all sold out with 10 week lead times.

People are hustling to get their houses in order!

If we could somehow dull this second wave, we’ll (my company) will be in great shape.

Mind you we’re still having a terrible year after being closed for essentially 2 months and having 75% of our crew quarintined after one caught Covid earlier this month.

Also, re: Keysian govt. spending, the PPP program definitely helped us, though it was unduly cumbersome, and still has new rules coming down on filing for forgiveness.

The stock market is down because there’s no longer any hope of a stimulus package before the end of the year.


and the 4th quarter still to come!