Gays: Leave the country or face prosecution

This from Nigeria. I’m wondering if the U.N. will take a break from it’s endless hatred of Israel to condemn this obvious human rights violation? Where are all of the human rights avengers?

Points for turning this story into an anti-UN, pro-Israel post. That’s genuinely impressive.


Oh, you noticed. I though that might slip that by. This being an obvious and horrific civil rights violation, who should take the lead here? Some pressure should probably be levied. Yes?

Yes. But it will do no good. The government must cater to both Christian and Muslim populations, both of which generally support this. It’s a tough spot, being wedged between the Bible and Koran.

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Remember when Mick Mulvany said to Sub Saharan countries that they can do this sort of stuff and the US won’t cut off funding?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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Understood. And you make a valid point. But I think at the very least, the world should express it’s disapproval. Silence is the worst option.

Right. Maybe The U.N. should take the lead? This seems like something that would be right in their wheelhouse.

I agree with you. They should.

The US has obviously given up moral authority on this.

You haven’t been paying attention.

Nigeria has had horrible human rights abuses against gay people for decades now, and the world has not shied away from voicing their disapproval.

What do you want the UN to do?

Thanks. And I’m glad you posted this story, people need to be aware. I posted a more substantive response but it got flagged, I think because I had to use an “s” word that rhymes with lobotomy. Hopefully the mods will approve it soon.

The U.S. is mainly concerned with the welfare of the U.S. Right or wrong. And sometimes it’s wrong. This one of the reasons for the existence of the U.N. This may be the rare occasion where we are on the same page.

That is an excellent and obvious question.

They probably do not have a lot of actual influence at this time. But I would start with a condemnation of this system. They condemn Israel quite frequently even though they cannot do much about Israel. Change begins with awareness. First name em and shame em. Get some momentum, see where it goes. It’s better than silence.

Ok. They did, 5 years ago when the law in question was passed.

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Its funny that I’ve been around the Hannity boards long enough now to remember when the Christian Taliban of this country and board were openly calling for criminalizing gay behavior and considered Fred Phelps a hero for his anti gay bashing. The cons on the board only turned on Phelps when his group protested Reagans funeral. Now suddenly you have cons acting like they are champions for gays.


Cool, Thank you for looking that up. I say that most people are still unaware so they may need to ratchet up the rhetoric a bit.

You are absolutely incorrect. You completely made that up. Pulled it out of your arse. I was pro gay rights before Obama was. The right thing to do would be for you to apologize for your slander.

Got my hopes up! :persevere:

Nigeria is what? a christian country?

Why are you asking? Does the religion of your oppressors matter? For the record, it’s almost 50/50 Christian Muslim. Is the government Christian? Not sure. Don’t care. They shouldn’t oppress. But I do know that Islam is the primary oppressors of gays and women in the world today. But that does not let backward Christian nations off the hook.

There. How’s that for the perfect un-biased answer? Pretty good, eh?