Gay man refused service at store


I’m dense because you’re a hypocrite.

Everybody in the bed or everybody on the floor. It’s the American Way.


He’s way smarter than this, he’s just trolling.


What difference does that make?


There it is!


It’s not trolling to point out hypocrisy.


There what is?


Pointing out hypocrisy at something that never happened? Yep, that’ll do it.


LOL, the discussion is fairly dependent on whether or not this guy acted legally.


Right it doesn’t have to be true, just have to be believable. That’s the ticket


People have the right to refuse service based on politics.


How about we do it the old fashioned way and send them death threats until they leave town?

That’s the Sneaky way. It’ll take care of itself. No gubmit needed.


Hey this thread has over 100 replies, job well done!


You are denying the timeline. The proselytizing came after the refusal for alt right purposes.


Send who death threats? I’ve never sent a death threat in my life you ignorant wretch. I don’t threaten.

How about we shut this store down with fines and court orders and protests?


Not you of course, just your fellow extremists.

You hate gubmit and this is best handled by the people.


No it didnt? Per his own words, the employee transferred him to another clerk, after he proselytized about the walkaway.


That’s enough of your stupidity for one day already.



That isn’t what the article says.

“Straka said that the employee was a fellow gay man, and that when he tried to explain what #WalkAway was, the employee was not interested in having a conversation.”

There is nothing in that article that mentioned being denied service first, you just read it that way.


When was Strakas told “it’s for alt right purposes”?


About as hard for tyrannical leftists to understand how a baker willing to sell his goods to “anyone”, including gays, but for religious reasons did not want to decorate a “wedding” cake for a gay marriage.

I agree if the employee doesn’t want to serve someone its his right but then he has to take that up with his employer and I doubt that the one who he refused to serve will take him to court like the gay couple did to the baker.