Gay man leaves liberalism. Rejects the hate

Oh crap. It’s about to get real. This is enough to make the coldest, cold blooded libs blood come to a boil. This gay man is starting a movement called #walkaway. It is designed to encourage people to walk away from what he calls “the lies of liberalism.” His video has gone viral. Good luck buddy. I admire your courage. Be prepared. The compassionate and inclusive libs are about to turn the dogs loose on you. You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave. Get ready. They are relentless.


So you managed to find one adecotdal case of a gay man turned away from liberalism and that is the start of some revolution :rofl:

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Your one.

Ours: image

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Relax. it’s not a competition. Yet.

It wont be a competition. If you think the LGBTQ community will ever EVER get behind a political idiogolgy that scorns them to their very faces then I feel sorry for your intellect.


And I’m sure he’s the only one. Probably no other gay man in the country has had enough of the overbearing, hateful, hysterical, anti free speech liberal movement. Right? Be patient he’s only got about five million followers. I hope Rachel interviews him. Now wouldn’t that be special?

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No, that guy doesn’t sound at all like every other GOP talking head. A true free thinker, there. Good luck!

I find it amusing you think who ever this guy is that no one has ever heard of is going to lead some revolution and turn an entire community against a party that has all off their interests in ensuring their equal rights as opposed to the opposite. It wasnt some self serving Republican pro bono lawyer that represented the LGBTQ community on oberfell. Give me a ■■■■■■■ break. You are off your rocker.

Five million followers? Prolly all white people. Like you. “Where’s my African American? There he is!”

I support his right to support a backward political party that wants to limit his rights.

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There are also cases of anti-Semitic jews. Do you like those too?

Now that is exactly why he left. The anger. The hate. The insults. Your totally rude and uncalled for reply demonstrates exactly why people have had enough liberal B.S. Or maybe he just wants low taxes and the government to stay out of his business. If you have no faith that this movement will grow, then why are you acting so rattled?

And BTW. You need to get out of the 1980’s.We have some dinosaurs, but most conservatives could not care less what their gay co-workers and neighbors do and who they do it with. It’s frankly none of our business. You need to catch up.

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Oh ■■■■■■■■. There wouldn’t have even been an ogerfell case if that was true. And why the hell was Kim Davis all over the news and her ass put in jail to whit. You cared because it insults your personal sense of morality. Same reason why a Kennedy replacement is so controversial. You can fool yourself but you cant fool those that watch you.

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Dude. You don’t sound amused at all. You are really, really angry. Go take a walk. Breathe some fresh air. Meditate. Calm yourself. In other words, simma down. It ain’t worth all that.

lol - Now there is a guy that was paying attention to Joe the Plumber and how the right turns these guys into GODS.

How much $$ have you sent in to support him? :rofl:

Remember. I did predict that Y’all would come unglued. He is not leading a huge movement. He is simply saying that nobody should feel trapped by liberalism. It’s all about free choice.

I am indeed amused. You think you are gaining with a group that doesnt give a lick about you because they know you dont about them. You come on and post a story of one dude thinking that matters and it doesnt. The GOP is phasing itself out of nearly every demographic there is. You take your short term gains like gerrymander districts and dumnbass trump winning a presidential election as gospel. What you dont realize is there are more against your beliefs than fore. You keep pushing them off and they wont continue to stand by and not show up to the polls. Sooner or later the baby boomer generation will be dead and gone and I assure you the generations who come after that dont in any way agree with anything you think or say.

There is already a group its called the log cabin republicans.

As I said. it’s simply one man’s choice. Nobody should feel trapped by an ideology that they believe has gone off the deep end. Good for him for stating his opinion and moving on. It should be safe for anybody who chooses to do this. Right?

have the LCR been invited to CPAC yet?