Gavin Newsom recall has

Oh yeah, Elder showed just how great of a candidate he was tonight! :joy:

Like you can’t tell from the very forum (my included of course)

Americans have always been weird from the get go.

We basically told told the worlds greatest power to get bent in the 1700s

It’s why Canadians and brits will never understand The United States.


If we wants to win a statewide office in California he will have to bend to the electorate and modify his views.


So basically elder was don Quixote. Jousting windmills.


Dems in Callie elected Arnold. However he wasn’t a radial trumpist.


That’s a long list.

Silver lining. Newsome gets an asterisk in The Permanent Record


I voted against the recall of Gray Davis (when Arnold replaced him) but voted for Arnold when he ran for re-election.

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LOL. Yeah, I am sure.

In any case, we should thank Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis, Amy Coney Barrett, and others for all the help in making sure that this was another rightwing face-plant.

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That was a long time ago, politically speaking.