Gavin Newsom recall has

received the necessary number of verified signatures to trigger a recall election later this year.

I want to stress Verified signatures.

Now comes intimidation of those signatures to remove their names from the recall petition. I wonder how many of them will be doxed or even threaten.


California doesn’t verify all the signatures. They verify 10 or so signatures in each county, and then use the percentage of the sample to determine how many signures are “valid”.

So sad. Always feeling this way.

You guys are getting weird.

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Or desperate.

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As for Newsome, send him on his way. Never really been a fan. Anyway, gotta make room for London Breed!

Doesn’t much matter if he is recalled, I am sure Californian Democrats are more than up to the task of finding someone even worse.


Yeah because they will have to take on Caitlyn Jenner. Should be fun.

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When Kimberly Guilfoyle did her screaming speech at the RNC I was wondering if Newsom’s wife turned to him and said; “Tell me again why you married her”?

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Should each and every one of the signatures be verified to ensure the veracity of same?

If that is true then the recall process would have been a really stupid thing to do.

Don’t look at me.

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“You guys”? It’s all normal in California. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Here’s a Vinn Diagram of the people who “support” Caitlyn Jenner and those who complained when she won an ESPY:


Looking inside the Vinn circle…is that, is that… “white supremacy”? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

I wondered when the fatal accident would come up…might not be so bad.

A family affected by a fatal car crash six years ago involving Caitlyn Jenner seem to have no hard feelings towards her—and might even toss a vote her way in her bid to become Governor of California.

Doesn’t look like this will be an issue.

Yeah but it would knock a big dent in the Presidential aspirations i hear he(newsom) has. Probably PO Aunt (by marriage) San Fran Nan as well. :rofl:

Plus it would be fun to knock a dent in that particular massive ego.

Whitmer should be next on that list.

Shouldn’t be at all. Dems didn’t care about Ted Kennedy.


They cared enough not to ever nominate him for president.