Gas prices in Cal making the people Poorer


What’s false? It’s has the most poor and has been run by dem for decades. That’s just reality. They keep making homes and driving more expensive through mandates etc. Look at the massive homeless problem.

If the dems who have posted are any example the biggest problem is the lefts denial of the poverty in Cal… You can’t fix a problem you don’t think exists…

The right doesn’t care either. Nobody cares. It’s just a good political weapon.

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At least you admit the left does not care. Some on the right know how to make a country prosper. The most economic freedom possible.

Why would I have to admit that? Nobody cares. “The poor” is an excellent political weapon that both sides exploit.

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Because it’s true.

Why would you deny with the reality of dem’s policy and it’s poverty outcomes under a basically one party system.

Dems have all the money they need in Cal, so what’s the problem?

I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m saying. Neither party cares about poverty and neither party will take any steps to Fox the problem. It’s too good of a political weapon to exploit and demonize political opponents.

You’re doing it now.

I think the poverty outcomes in Cal point out their beliefs are wrong and their policy has failed. I guess dems think pointing out their history is Demonization… I can understand why …

Ah, and the ol “you’re a dem cause you don’t agree with me” trick. Cute.

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I’m sorry I insulted you… BUt you seem to be supporting dem poverty outcomes in Cal. And pretend Reps have something to do with it.

Should people keep electing dems in Cal?

Your denial of poverty, that is far worse in red states, in an attempt to blame “politics” is a bigger problem.

The south is going to bed hungry and you want to talk about gas prices in CA…

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Not buying this. Source?

I showed you the SF Chronicle article showing Cal has the most poor of any state. They are as liberal as any news paper gets. Are you calling them liars?

It’s easy to find sources on Google. Here’s one I posted earlier…

What’s the percentage of hungry in Cal?!

The state with the most people has the most of X people, you don’t say?

Brilliant logic.

It’s easy to find multiple sources that show California isn’t even in the top 5 re: highest poverty rate. I’m curious where the author of the article your cite got their data.

Not in the top 10, that’s for red states with failed GOP policies. But you don’t care about children going to bed hungry.

What’s next, you gonna tell us the largest lake has the most water? Keep the brilliance coming.