Gas prices in Cal making the people Poorer

It’s like the dems are in love with the oil companies. Letting them gough the already poorest population in the US, Californians?

The biggest reason is for some reason dems in Cal pretend we are not a state in love with cars. Then they have all these formula for different parts of the state for no real reason. And, they don’t have a pipeline to texas in case supply in interrupted. And finally there’s the rich persons game of carbon credits making all things more expensive.

Gas is over 4$ while the rest of the country pay just over 2$. The cost of living is why Cal is the poverty capital of the US. Dems love to make things more expensive with mandates.

Cal making the rich richer, and the poor homeless. While pretending otherwise.

From the article:
“Analysts blamed the spike on California refinery maintenance, low national production and global economic uncertainty.”
“Prices are probably going to stop running higher and when they plateau, then they’re going to drop and will drop pretty quickly in the near future,”

What’s you excuse for the po dunk red states in the south consistently being the poorest, less educated and highest in government assistance? Since you’re so bothered by what liberal California is doing…

Oh those poor, poor people in California. Whatever will they do? Maybe they’ll move to Texas.

How come the “po dunk red states” don’t have 4.25 a gallon gas prices?

They are not the poorest when cost of living is included. If you had a po dunk red state education you would be able to do math a lot better and know that. But your dem state education has left you easily manipulated by numbers…

Cal has the most poverty… Ask yourself why you think otherwise?

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Your empathy for the working poor and homeless there is noted…

Pssst…Cratic lives in CA…


Sadly, they do move out of the state. But,are not smart enough to understand why they had to leave,or why all their friends had to leave, and they still keep voting democrat, when they go.

Complaining about the prices in California is like complaining about the prices in Aspen. If you live with enough billionaires and millionaires, the prices are going to be high due to economics.

The other problem with California is population. There are more people in Los Angeles County then my entire home state of Michigan. What do you want the government to do? Do we allow unlimited pollution into the valleys, and sell off the public lands?

I only heard two things in California: it’s horrible and it’s great.


Because they cant afford it. They cant afford anything, which is why they’re a po dunk state. Poorest in the nation.

Because they have a larger population.

The fact you don’t see the stupidity in this statement is baffling…

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nationalize the oil industry you could sell gas for .36 cents.

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You have a TV fantasy version of Cal in your head. Most of Cal is S. Cal dry empty space or N. Cal Forest… Most of Cal is not LA or the Bay area, it 's the hwy 5 and hwy 99 ag areas. Tons of poverty there. No representation because the state is too large.

And comparing a city (aspen) to an entire state is silly. There is no reason to have near 5$ gallon other than poor planning and a hostitly to driving by dems. ( Who almost all drive too)

Did that work in Venezuela? How about a pipeline to Texas and rule changes that allow Cal to use the same gas as the rest of the country…

California voted to keep the gas tax and clearly doesn’t share your opinion.

"California has the highest rate of poverty in the nation — 20.6 percent. That statistic is true, tragic and shameful.

Now what else have you been told to believe that’s wrong? I mean besides Collusion, obstruction or Quid pro qos in Ukraine?

The article is wrong,we can lay the poverty right at the hands of the dems…

That’s just liberals in the cities forcing others to pay more… Because they don’t care about the poor!

So now the majority of California is rich liberals? Can you make up your mind?

What a silly conclusion to jump too…


Ah, yes, the vaunted maps the GOP uses to make themselves feel better by pretending farm animals and rattlesnakes vote.


At least you know Cal has the most poverty and the left does not care…