Gas prices in Cal making the people Poorer

No apology necessary, I don’t get insulted on the internet.


Gee, an infamous thread on the old board blamed Obama for rising prices when he was president. How come you’re not blaming Trump?

I’m sure the author tells you and it’s a very liberal news paper. SF Chronicle…

Please show your sources…

Still, I think most people think of the dems as the party of govt as the solution to poverty, and the dems bill themselves that way, and that most reps think opportunity is the best solution to poverty and too much govt destroys opportunity.

So, there is reason to point out that dems solutions to poverty are obviously are not the rights ones. As Cal is a one party state. So, it’s more than just a tool to bash the other party.

Because the rest of the country has lower prices, but even back then I bashed Cal’s formula policy and lack of diverse oil sources for gas prices that are a lot higher than most of the country and add to their record level of poverty…

When I can get home to my laptop I will.

California doesn’t even come close. He didn’t quote the full context of the article he linked. No need to grab your laptop. Let me save you some time:

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Those red states seem worse.

Nice, thanks for doing the legwork on that. :slight_smile:

When Social Security was started the elderly poverty rate plummeted and stayed down up to the present day.

California’s prices have been higher historically because of their pollution regs. Currently, though, according to the Fresno Bee, it’s oil refinery maintenance. So blame the oil companies.

That’s not based on Cost living… As I’ve told you guys over and over.

It’s those blue state education that’s leaves out critical thinking that’s the problem…

If I make 20k a year and homes cost 6OK, I’m dong very well. Better than making 100k and homes costing 700K…

Like gas costing 2$ instead of 4$ Dollars. See how that works?

I was educated in Tennessee (diploma and undergrad Bachelor’s) and Mississippi (Master’s at Mississippi State). Hardly two blue states. So, if my education is the problem, who do you blame now? Me I guess?

With the number of misspellings and grammatical errors in just this one sentence, you certainly shouldn’t be commenting on anyone’s education.

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And even with that adjustment red states still dominate poverty indexes, but you don’t care about hungry children in Mississippi, just politics.

Why is it those people living the “high life” making 20k a year with their 60k homes can’t feed themselves?

Sure you were, LOL! Then why can’t you grasp the idea that not all parts of the US have the same cost of living?..

You can tell from the graphic the people who made it are leftist propagandists… It’s why they only have those states shown…

And you know it or you would have answered my question…

Cal has the most poor when cost of living is factored in… Say It!

Sac Bee

“California, typically one of the most prosperous and progressive states, is also one of the poorest.”

" For California, that means another reminder that the state’s poverty rate of 18.2 percent is exceeded only by Washington DC, which has a poverty rate of 18.4 percent when you account for the cost of living. It accounts for about 1 in every six residents."

And you can tell from your posts that you have no clue what you are talking about.

" California ranks No. 1 in poverty once again. Take one guess why"

California ranks No. 1 in poverty once again. Take one guess why. - The San Diego Union-Tribune