Gabbard suspends campaign, endorses

BIDEN! I’m a little surprised.


Did not see that coming. Good for her.

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Oh crap. The “Biden is a Russian plant because the other Russian plant Tulsi Gabbard endorsed him”…complete with Hillary’s comments…commercials write themselves.



Probably what she is hoping for.



A very unpopular MOC from a tiny little state? Nah.

Hillary…where are you? :sunglasses:

Smarter than I expected. Tulsi’s career lives another day.

" I know Vice President Biden and his wife and am grateful to have called his son Beau, who also served in the National Guard, a friend. Although I may not agree with the vice president on every issue, I know that he has a good heart and is motivated by his love for our country and the American people,"


IDK- she gave up her congressional seat.

Had to make herself conveniently available.

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I think this is the short list:

  1. Harris
  2. Klobuchar

Both excellent options.

Gabbard endorsed Biden does not necessarily translate into Biden endorses Gabbard.

Among Democrats, who assume now that Biden will be the nominee and who heard is pledge to nominate a woman, there is a lively debate between supporters of Klobuchar, Harris and Abrams. It seems to come down to the question of “who provides the most help in the midwestern swing states?”.

The argument for Klobuchar is that she is local; the argument against that is she did poorly in Iowa so she isn’t showing regional traction. The argument for Harris or Abrams is that they will push up African-American turnout in the region; the argument against is neither is from the region.

As to the “KKK Newspaper endorses Donald Trump” commercials.

Both of which seem a royal waste of time when we might be focused on how to restart America’s economy as coronavirus winds down.

I think we can all agree now, facing this war on a horrible virus, is not the time to experiment with putting a woman in as VP.

Social distancing, not Social engineering!


In retirement, thankfully.

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I am unsure why Stacy Abrams would be qualified to be president, because face it, the VP here has a high chance of becoming president.

:rofl: DAMN!

If she is over 35 and a natural born citizen she is “qualified”.

Yes that’s exactly what I meant, sneakers.