Further proof of the degenerate nature of Army "leadership"

Words fail me at the disgrace of a senior field grade officer who would post such a photo. These acts bring discredit and ridicule to the US Army and are prejudicial to good order and discipline.


please tell me it was

Go Navy!!!

USN Ret.

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Medals don’t look correct

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it’s a real twitter account. private page though.


Lots of chairborne/staff ribbons for not publicly stepping on his crank before now. The story is out of US Army Pacific.

But some I didn’t recognize or find on the official Army list. They could be Foriegn ones he is allowed to where. But doubt it. Also suspect a retiring Col doesn’t have is a Legion of Merit medal.

I had no idea there was bondage gear that looked like animals

Should I change my avi? :laughing:


An O6 with novice jump wings?

A better question is all that salad and only an O-6.

Well if a Master Sergeant can accumulate this.


BTW, that guy had a space left over where he could have stuck a Seal Trident.


With the crooked tie, baby face, Senior NCO rank and a mix of Army, Navy and Air Force medals and badges you have to be kidding.

He actually showed up on Fort Benning wearing all that!!!

He didn’t LEAVE wearing all that, but he showed up.

His real name was Nicholas Androsky.

He was also wearing a Green Beret and desert boots.

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Probably been working in the Pentagon for the last 15 years.

Other than the uniforms, what evidence is there that the masked men are soldiers?

The United States Army knows who these people are and are officially investigating this matter. The guy in the dog mask is Colonel Brian T. Donnelly. Right now, they have him on conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman (i.e. wearing a dog mask while wearing the uniform). His buggery of a certain Captain constitutes fraternization (which applies between senior and junior officers as well as between officers and enlisted).

He has retired but can be called back to active duty for court martial and he should be court martialed on both the “conduct unbecoming” and “fraternization” charges.

Smells like â– â– â– â– â–  in here. :rofl:


The nameplate isn’t authorized on the new Green uniform.

According to AR 670-1 they appear to still be in use. I’ve been out for a few years, though.

DA Pam 670-1

I see nameplates. Realizing of course, these are also officers pictured, not Enlisted.

From what I understand they opted to go with the original WW2 feel ultimately and not wear a nameplate with that uniform. My oldest bitches because every time he wears it he has to remind himself to not put on the nameplate.

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