Further proof of the degenerate nature of Army "leadership"

Perhaps this is a METT-TC issue, which strengthens your original argument of an ate-up Army.

I was there for most of the 2008-2016 downward spiral. It was the most cynic-inducing thing I’ve ever witnessed.

I got out in 2004. When we still had to polish boots and iron BDUs. DCUs were the desert uniforms. Glad I missed everything that’s happened since.

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I always found it interesting the things that directly correlated to the (D)ownfall. Not that they could’ve ever been causative of course… :rofl:

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I bet “fraternization” rules are flouted more than anything. When we trained with the National Guard back in the day it was one big orgy between both sexes and rank did not seem to be much of a concern.

Alas a young and shy Nemesis was left out of the shenanigans.

Not to mention the disheveled hair, poor posture, curled hands at attentive and general appearance of a guy who isn’t proud of the picture being taken.

The quick story behind this guy.

He was in the Air Force as a loadmaster until being court martialed for drug use, ranging from Percocet, Ecstasy and shoe polish. :smile: He received a Bad Conduct Discharge but that was downgraded by the convening authority and he ultimately received a general discharge under other than honorable conditions. That was in 2003. In 2011, he showed up like that at Fort Benning for somebody’s basic training graduation. The drill sergeants took one look at him and called the MPs. And it was the MPs that took that and other photos of him. They took away the uniform and trespassed him off the base. He died in 2014, presumably of drugs.

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Sad what drugs do to people. He could have served honorably and genuinely earned some of those medals. Instead, he tries to steal honor that was never his and let drugs steal his life…

There are still many men and women serving honorably, I hope the imbecile in chief and the woke idiots serving under him don’t destroy our military readiness. But I’m not holding out much hope…

I suppose what I am asking is how did they know these people were actually soldiers?

A CIB with 2 stars on an Air Force uniform. Gotta applaud his gusto.